Open platform for Public Transport

Open platform for Public Transport

Telia Smart Public Transport is built on an open platform. So as well as the services it comes with, you can also add your own. Or 3rd party applications. And because you can feed the data via API into your existing fleet management programs, you can gain much more granular visibility of your operation and optimise it in real time. Learn more about Telia Smart Public Transport offering

Public transport with an edge

It starts with Telia IoT Edge, a powerful onboard edge processor that consolidates all of digital systems in your vehicle onto one dashboard to give your drivers real-time visibility of what’s happening. This is complimented by the powerful Telia IoT Platform that gives you cloud-based monitoring and analysis tools via dashboard or API.

You may have already heard of the Telia IoT Edge – back when it was known as Fältcom MIIPS. It’s currently connecting over 60% of public buses in Sweden as well as a quickly growing number in Finland.

Telia IoT Edge

Open Platform

Telia Smart Public Transport is built on a secure, open platform that lets you add third-party applications or those that you develop yourself. Because let’s face it, no one knows for sure what great things will emerge in IoT over the next few years – but with an open platform, you can be sure to be able make the most of them. Telia IoT Edge carries the ITxPT label. This means it is compatible with the open architecture of ITxPT that enables interoperability between systems and devices from different suppliers in public transport fleets.

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