Building on digitalization

Building on digitalization

For those who support the public, digitialization enables more relevant services – in more accessible ways – for all of us. All it takes is the right digital infrastructure and the right digital tools. Check out some of the ways we're helping public sector customers to deliver better services for everyone

Measure vehicle emissions to prioritize your actions

To prioritize environmental actions, you need to know what works. Telia Travel Emission Insights let you measure and benchmark CO2 emissions from different routes in your city, model different scenarios, and the prioritize the actions that will have the biggest impact. It also makes it simple to measure and share the results of the actions you choose.

Learn more about Travel Emission Insights >

Connect all your offices seamlessly and securely

To deliver ultra-responsive application performance while managing your connectivity costs; you need the flexibility of a software-defined network. We offer both SD-WAN and hybrid MPLS networks to match your specific needs – all with the security and performance advantages of Telia’s Nordic & Baltic network.

Learn more about Telia SD-WAN

Increase indoor comfort and reduce wasted energy

Keep your staff and visitors healthy, comfortable and productive by remotely monitoring the temperature and air quality in all your offices and buildings. Our end-to-end building monitoring solution includes sensors, connectivity and the Telia IoT Platform for dashboards, alerts and APIs. It lets you monitor and optimize your heating and cooling systems to provide a fresher, more comfortable working and visiting environment. At the same time, it lets you identify and eliminate areas of energy wastage and their associated emissions.

Learn more about Telia Building Monitoring >

Provide a great cloud experience

As more more and more systems move from your server room to the cloud; it’s increasingly important to provide a seamless experience for your end-users. The key is to connect as directly as possible to your cloud providers. Telia cloud connectivity provides the most direct connectivity to cloud service providers not only in the Nordics and Baltics, but also in the the rest of Europe and the US.

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Simplify customer contact in all channels

Give the public more ways to connect with you without adding complexity. With an intelligent bot that will answer your most common questions; you can free up more time for your customer contact team to focus on the things that only humans can answer. The result is more responsive customer service whether the starting point is phone, chat, email or social media.

Learn more about Telia ACE >


Public Sector Crowd Insights

Make data-driven city planning decisions

To understand which changes will bring the biggest benefits for your citizens; you need to understand what they need. By looking at how crowds move throughout the day, you can understand where people are traveling to and from and when. This helps you to plan better public transport routes, public events and assess where new facilities will be the most appreciated. It also lets you measure the impact of the decisions you make.

Learn more about Telia Crowd Insights >

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