Deliver a better experience

Deliver a better experience

To be an attractive and relevant destination, you need to understand your visitors. When you understand where out-of-town visitors spend their time and money, you can give them a better experience. When you understand where they’re coming from, you can know where your tourism marketing earns the best return on investment.

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Tourism & events insights

  • Where visitors go and what they do when they come to town
  • How long do they stay if they come for an event
  • How many people visit your destination and the surrounding area
  • Seasonal, weekly and daily trends
  • "White spots” – places visitors tend not to go
  • Where visitors come from
  • How does your destination performs compared to competitors
  • Where to target marketing efforts and how to measure the results

Measure your ROI

See where visitors come from. Then you can focus your marketing spend for the best return on investment. You can also compare your destination to others to gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape.

Telia Crowd Insights gives you tools to evaluate events beyond ticket sales and hotel beds. You’ll know where people go before and after the event, how many come for the day or stay the night. Where they spend their time and money. With a deeper understanding of the potential value of an event, you can set and monitor KPIs more accurately. Which means you can achieve greater value from future events.

Beyond the event

Beyond the event

How to get crowd insights from an event without a crowd

The Holmenkollen Ski Festival was closed to spectators because of COVID-19. That didn't stop the organisers and the City of Oslo from unlocking some valuable insights. Watch the film to learn more or download the case.

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Impact. See the big picture.

Events are great for cities – but they also impact on their residents. By understanding the effect that visitors have on public spaces and public transport systems, you can take steps to mitigate issues. You’ll know when and where to provide additional services so both visitors and residents have a positive experience.

Zoom out. See which part of your city or surrounding towns people start their journey from. Zoom in. See how visitors move around and within a venue or tourism hotspot by measuring anonymised Wi-Fi signals in both outdoor and indoor environments. The method is fully GDPR compliant.


  • Increase number of visitors
  • Identify hot and cold zones
  • Optimize layout and location
  • Improve staff planning
  • Identify anchor points
  • Optimize advertising
  • Enhance security


Start now and go back in time

Start today, and you can already see what happened yesterday and the day before. And last week, month and year. In fact, you can have a full two-year data set on your dashboard tomorrow. Compare that with starting a survey!

Choose the delivery format that suits you:

Data set

  • CSV and shapefiles (.csv , .shp)

Interactive dashboard (one time)

  • Interactive graphical presentation of the analysis
  • Based on one-time data
  • Packaged Tableau workbook (.twbx)

Interactive dashboard (continuous)

  • Interactive graphical presentation of the analysis
  • Data updated at agreed frequency
  • Hosted Tableau online dashboard


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