Breathalyzer – extra safety and peace of mind

A digital breathalyzer prevents the driver from starting the vehicle if alcohol is detected. This protects your passengers and your brand.

Safer driving

An onboard breathalyzer and ignition interlock increase safety for passengers and other road users. If alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath, the ignition cannot be activated and a message is sent via SMS / mail / portal to alert management and allow followup over time. 

Brand yourself as responsible

Making an ignition interlock device part of your company’s everyday safety procedures shows that you take safety seriously – for both your staff and the public – and strengthens your safety record and brand. 

User friendly interface

We make it easy for passengers to use the Wifi onboard. After connecting their web browsers, they are guided to your private portal site, where the user terms must be accepted. Each passenger is then allotted 300 MB of data per trip and they are alerted when 10% remains. When all data is used up, the user receives a new alert that the data pool is gone, but it will be refilled after one hour.

Detailed statistics for insights and analytics

In addition to a stable connection, you will receive very detailed statistics via the cloud-based portal. This for example, makes it easier to plan potential advertisements based on when most passengers are connected. 


Minimize risk of intoxicated drivers; Receive instant alert if driver blows “positive”

Increase security

Strengthen your brand as responsible

How it works


Breathalyzer is a solution that runs on the Telia Smart Public Transport platform.


A Telia IoT Edge gateway (MIIPS C) and an ignition interlock device are installed in the vehicle.


If the driver’s alcohol volume reading exceeds the limit, the vehicle will not start, and a message is sent to the cloud platform, direct SMS or email to chosen recipient via the Smart Public Transport platform. Data includes time, place and vehicle.


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