Data-driven decision making

Data-driven decision making

To make your city or town a better place to live, work and visit; you need to understand how people interact with it. Where do people travel to and from? How do crowds move at large events? Or on an average Tuesday? Where do out-of-town visitors come from and how could you attract more? 

Telia Crowd Insights give you the tools to understand what's really happening and to make data-driven decisions.

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Measure activity

Telia Crowd Insights brings city planning into the digital age. By measuring the volume of people in each location, you can take your city’s pulse. Which areas have the most activity in the weekends and during the week? Which need more public services? Which would benefit from a playground?

Clear patterns emerge when you compare activity between locations – or the same location on different days. These let you make smart decisions based on facts. Location insights from crowd data reveal not just how many people are in a certain place at a certain time, but also where they came from and where they went next. Now you know how many people are commuting, how many are shopping and how many are just passing by. You can even get a breakdown by age and gender.

Measure impact

Telia Crowd Insights let you measure the impact of city development initiatives in terms of activity level change.

Whereas traditional methods of collecting city planning data are slow, expensive and often quite inaccurate; we can deliver comprehensive data based on actual measurements. They reveal deep insights about each part of your city and to compare the present with historical data. 

Helping cities make the most of events

Helping cities make the most of events

How to get crowd insights from an event without a crowd

The Holmenkollen Ski Festival was closed to spectators because of COVID-19. That didn't stop the organisers and the City of Oslo from unlocking some valuable insights. Watch the film to learn more. 

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Encourage tourism

Tourism is an important income stream for your city. If you understand where your visitors come from, you can measure the return on your tourism marketing investment and know where to focus your efforts. 

You can also understand where people spend their time – and money – when they visit. Not just the obvious places, but the secondary areas they go to eat and stay. You’ll also see where they don’t go, so you can stimulate activity there.

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Host better events

Large sporting events and concerts bring life to a city – and financial benefits too. They create jobs, attract visitors and add to the city’s personality. Telia Crowd Insights help you evaluate past events, plan for coming ones, and measure event KPIs and marketing investments. Now you can create a perfect event mix, improving the experience while minimizing disruption.

Knowing where crowds form before and after events lets you optimize public transport services. Understanding the demographics makes it possible to focus services and security where they are needed most.

Insights Delivery

Telia Crowd Insights is a continuously updated subscription service. You access it via an online visualization tool that presents your insights in easy-to-read dashboards. The summary dashboard gives a quick overview of the pulse of your city, ideal for public presentations or high-level meetings. For professionals in city development, events and tourism, there are interactive dashboards for relevant in-depth information.


Telia Crowd Insights are always anonymous. The data is collected in a way that make it impossible to identify an individual’s identity – we always put subscribers’ privacy first.

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