Eco-Driving – reduce fuel costs and environmental impact

Help your drivers to help you. By giving them real-time feedback on how their acceleration, braking and driving patterns affect fuel performance and CO2 emissions, they can play an important role in reducing your costs and protecting the environment. You can reduce your fuel costs by 12% per vehicle per year. And by increasing your drivers’ awareness, you also help them to drive more safely. 

Real-time feedback to the drivers

Eco-Driving provides real-time feedback on the driver’s display screen. It gives drivers better oversight of their driving style and fuel consumption – which leads to lower fuel costs and reduced emissions.

Analyze, act, and improve

The system analyzes driving habits and fuel consumption while the vehicle is in use and reports on the level of consumption beyond the amount actually required for the trip. This supports the driver in meeting contractual requirements related to better work environment, improved traffic safety and lower environmental impact.

In addition to supporting the environment with fewer CO2 emissions, better driving habits have been shown to reduce fuel costs and emissions by 12% or more as well as reducing vehicle maintenance costs.

Traffic management overview of the fleet

The customer portal allows you to track the vehicles in your fleet in real time and monitor how your drivers are performing. The portal is web-based, which means that you can access it at any time from wherever you are.


Optimised fuel consumption; Reduced CO2 emissions and costs

Improved traffic safety; Software configuration occurs remotely

Data storage, which is used for follow-up;User-friendly and an intuitive cloud-based customer portal

How it works


Eco-Driving is a solution that runs on the Telia Smart Public Transport platform.


A Telia Iot Edge gateway (MIIPS C), touchscreen and Drivec Bridge are installed in the Vehicle. These devices register, interpret and processes data.


The gateway sends the data to the touchscreen to give the driver immediate feedback during the trip. This allows them to monitor their driving style and how it affects fuel consumption.


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