Do more with less

Do more with less

Efficiency is the low-hanging fruit of IoT. Real-time data lets you optimize your operation in real time while reducing wastage and downtime. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value that digitalization delivers. Check out some of the ways we’re already helping manufacturing customers to reduce their costs and increase their production.

Unlock the power of your data

Whether it’s real-time data to optimize your operation, big data to analyze your operation, or APIs to automate your operation; our managed connectivity and IoT platform let you make the most of what you’ve got

Learn more about Telia IoT connectivity >
Learn more about the Telia IoT Platform >

Keep your products connected globally

If your products are sold in multiple countries – and you need to update or collect data from them remotely – we can provide a consolidated contract to connect them globally. You get the simplicity of a single point-of-contact and a cloud-native programable network that you can control.

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Connect hard-to-reach locations

If parts of your operation are in remote locations; we provide low-power-wide-area connectivity and managed IoT gateways to suit a wide range of performance and location requirements.
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Telia Low-Power-Wide Area IoT connectivity >
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Keep your employees immersed in the cloud

If your business relies on cloud applications, and you want to provide a seamless experience for your end-users, you need direct connectivity. Telia cloud connectivity can connect you directly to cloud service providers in the Nordics and Baltics – and the rest of the world via AS1299.  This gives you reliable and secure connectivity to cloud platforms for a seamless end-user experience

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Deliver a seamless network – wherever your sites are

To deliver the highest application performance and manage your costs, you need the flexibility of a software-defined network. We offer both SD-WAN and hybrid MPLS networks to suit your specific needs – all with the performance advantages of Telia’s leading Nordic & Baltic backbone. And if your operations extend overseas, the Telia Business Backbone combines our local digital infrastructure with AS1299: the world’s #1 ranked global backbone.

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Get your own dedicated network

If you need to connect thousands of sensors, devices and people – in a confined or remote location – we can provide a private cellular network that gives you the guaranteed reliability, security and performance to keep everything connected.

Learn more about Telia Private Networks >

Increase indoor comfort while reducing your energy costs

Keep your employees healthy, comfortable and productive by remotely monitoring temperature and air quality throughout your facilities. Our end-to-end building monitoring solution includes sensors, connectivity and the Telia IoT Platform for dashboards, alerts and APIs. It lets you monitor and optimize your heating and cooling systems in real time as well as analyze and identify areas of energy wastage.

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