When everything’s connected, anything’s possible

When everything’s connected, anything’s possible

By collecting data from infrastructure and citizens, and turning it into information – city managers can gain insight into how to optimize for cost-effectiveness, sustainability and citizen satisfaction. They can also start to automate sub-systems within the city to work together to create one big self-optimizing ecosystem. All it takes is the right tools.

Smart City Ecosystem

If you strip away the hype, a smart city is essentially a number of real-time feedback loops. It starts with connected infrastructure that feeds information back to those who manage the city. Add to that the main sub-systems in a city: buildings and public transport. Then bring in the citizens themselves, to input information, but also to recieve it in the form of real-time information about bus arrivals, city disruptions and what's happening in their city. 

But these loops in isolation can't make a city truly smart. They need to all be able to share their data to create in one big, smart city ecosystem. That's why we build open platforms that can support the best digital services of today as well as those that will come tomorrow. 

Smarter and more sustainable buildings

Buildings are the biggest energy user in any city. By monitoring, optimizing and automating heating and cooling systems; building managers can maximize tenant comfort while minimizing costs and emissions. They can also deliver a better experience with air quality monitoring, smart fire and water leakage alarms and ‘smart apartment’ services for their tenants.

Learn more about Telia Smart Building

IoT connectivity for smarter cities

The foundations of a smart city are sensors. They can go in anything from rubbish bins that report when they need to be emptied to streetlights that report the air quality. Telia Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) enables wireless sensors to be deployed easily and cost effectively with longer range and underground penetration than traditional IoT. It is also extremely energy efficient enabling simple use cases to operate for years on a single battery.

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Smarter public transport for everyone

Telia Smart Public Transport is the market leader in Sweden and Finland. It is an end-to-end service from onboard gateway to open IoT platform for the best digital services of today and tomorrow. For passengers it provides onboard WiFi and real-time trip information. For drivers it provides vehicle and eco-driving feedback as well as communications and safety. And for public transport operators and authorities, it provides the tools to manage public transport more cost-effectively and sustainably.

Learn more about Telia Smart Public Transport

Crowd movement insights

Using anonymized device movement data from our mobile network, city planners are able to see where crowds travel to and from – and when. This enables data-driven decision making, such as where new public transport routes are most needed. Or how large events can be smoother and safer. Telia Crowd Insights also makes it possible to see change over time and measure the impact of actions taken.

Learn more about Crowd Insights

Travel Emission Insights

By understanding where people travel to and from in a city – and how they choose to travel – it is possible to identify which routes generate the most emissions. Telia Travel Emission Insights combines travel movement patterns with the proven CERO model to show not just the problem, but also which actions can have the biggest impact to reduce travel emissions in your city.

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Smart Utilities

To make energy more sustainable you need to make the most of what you’ve got. Our Low Power Wide Area connectivity is being used to connect sensors on the power grid in remote locations in Norway. This enables grid managers to accept the maximum amount of power from variable solar and wind energy sources when it is extra sunny or windy. We also connect almost 2 million home power meters in Sweden to give a real time picture of demand.

Learn more about Telia Smart Utilities


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