Telia Smart Building

Transform your building without moving a brick

Telia Smart Building is a suite of digitalization tools and services for new and existing buildings. It enables building owners and managers to monitor and optimize building operations, reduce costs and increase sustainability. It also creates a more healthy and comfortable environment for tenants, and gives them new 'smart' services to simplify their day-to-day lives. 

In short, Telia Smart Building lets you reduce your operational costs and environmental impact while increasing tenant satisfaction and the lease value of your building. 


Monitor and optimize building operations to reduce costs and environmental impact

Gain insights to make each building more efficient and comfortable

Deliver digital services for tenants, service providers & building managers

Retro-fit the future

Telia Smart Building lets public, private and commercial property owners and builders take advantage of the digital opportunities of today while building flexible foundations for the future. It can be deployed as a retro-fit or new-build solution and is designed for the specific needs of building owners and managers in the Nordics and Baltics. Choose the services that match your gaps and opportunities - and accelerate your digitalization journey today.

Telia IoT Platform

The Telia IoT Platform is at the heart of Telia Smart Building. It is an open platform that lets you combine multiple data sources to enable real-time monitoring, deep operational insights, and APIs for you to build upon.




If you listen to your building it can tell you a lot. Telia Building Monitoring provides IoT sensors to let you measure temperature and air quality from both inside and outside your building. This data is visualised in the Telia IoT platform so you can optmize both tenant comfort and energy efficiency. It also generates open APIs that you can feed into your exisiting systems to automate the optimization process. Telia Building Monitoring also enables you to break the “complain-and-fix” loop by proactively identifying and fixing problems before your tenants notice them – and using predictive maintenance to avoid unplanned system outages. 

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Smart Living

Your tenants are used to "an app for everything", so why should their building be different? The Telia Smart Living app lets tenants connect smart locks, lights and appliances. It also provides tools to keep busy families organized and younger kids safe. But that's only half the story. 

Telia Smart Living enables building managers to centrally monitor fire and water leakage alarms in each apartment – and monitor that alarms are active and when batteries need changing. It also provides an easy and direct communication channel with tenants to increase feedback and strengthen the customer relationship.

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Fiber and connectivity

A building can only be as smart as its digital core. Which just happens to be part of Telia's core business. We provide fiber services from planning and excavation to connections throughout each building and apartment. Because it's open fiber, you and your tenants can choose the services you prefer. But if you want the best, we also offer highly secure and scalable building networks for building managers and leading broadband, TV and phone packages for tenants. Learn more about:

Fiber, TV, phone & broadband

Secure building networks


Because Telia Smart Building is built on an open platform, all of your systems can talk to each other – and you can see what they’re saying. This not only unlocks actionable insights for you, it also makes supplier and service provider management a lot easier. When everyone shares common metrics; defining and measuring performance becomes a lot easier. Set performance KPIs you can accurately measure and you can achieve a higher level of service. This also gives you a competitive advantage if you are tendering for new contracts.


Rikshem manage 30,000 apartments throughout Sweden. They are rolling out Telia Smart Building to provide Open Fiber for their tenants, Facility IT for their networks, and Telia Building Monitoring to monitor temperature and comfort levels while optmizing energy consumption to reduce costs and emissions. Watch the film to learn more.


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IOT Buyer's guide

IoT can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. It all comes down to being clear in what you're trying to achieve and undertstanding the best way to do it.  That's why we developed the IoT Buyer's Guide.


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