Automatic Passenger Counting – monitor and balance your load

Understand where, when and how many passengers use your services. This helps you plan better routes and provide additional services to meet actual demands.

See how many people are onboard in real time

Keep traffic management updated on the number of entries and exits with real time data from Automatic Passenger Counting (APC). This gives you an immediate overview where traffic management can see right away if a route is overloaded and provide more buses to avoid delays.

Where and when do the get on and off?

GPS positioning gives you information about where the vehicle is at all times. Combine this with traffic information to gain an extended overview of where most entries and exits occur. Filter by line, trip, or stop.

This makes it easier for traffic management to monitor the occupancy on various trips, such as: how many people ride on a particular line, which stops are being used, and at what times.


Real time data; Time and GPS location

Monitor for proactive services; Accurate historical records

Can be integrated with third party systems

How it works


Automatic Passenger Count runs on the Telia Smart Public Transport platform. A Telia IoT Edge gateway (MIIPS C) is installed in the vehicle as well as door sensors and passenger counters.


Door sensors indicate whether a particular door is open or closed. Passenger counters note whether a passenger is entering or exiting the vehicle via a number of camera sensors. Door sensors relay information to the Telia IoT Edge gateway about which doors are open and when to start counting the passengers going in and out of them.


Data is then aggregated along with time and GPS location and sent to the platform via the mobile network.


Download the .pdf and read about this service in more detail

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