Make public transport a better choice

Make public transport a better choice

For people to choose the bus instead of taking the car; it needs to be more reliable, convenient and enjoyable. For public transport operators, it also needs to be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Digitalization holds the key. 

Telia Smart Public Transport is an end-to-end solution. It includes onboard IoT edge gateways, an open IoT platform and a suite of digital services to increase passenger satisfaction while reducing operating costs and emissions. 

Reduce CO2 emissions

You can reduce your vehicle emssions by letting your drivers help. With real-time feedback on how their braking, acceleration and driving patterns are affecting emissions; they can drive cleaner and reduce CO2 emissions.

Learn more about Ecodriving >


Provide onboard WiFi

Keeping your passengers connected helps to keep them satisfied. With fast, secure, and easy-to-connect Internet onboard; your passengers can spend their commute working, playing or being entertained. 

Learn more about Telia Internet Onboard >

Gain commuter insights

Gain insights into commuter movement patterns from all forms of transportation. See where people travel to and from – how long the spend there – and at what time of day.

With anonymized crowd movement data, you can gain insights that have never been possible before. They're the ultimate tool in optimizing your public transport network, identifying gaps, and finding new route opportunities. 


Make every passenger count

See how many passengers are on each bus in real time. Monitor loads and identify problem spots where additional services are needed.

Learn more about Automated Passenger Count >

Avoid cold starts

Avoid the unnecessary fuel costs and emissions of warming cold buses by letting them idle. Telia Vehicle Climate Management lets you schedule electrical heating systems to pre-heat each vehicle just before it goes into service for the day.

Learn more about Vehicle Climate Management >

Automate your ticketing

Let your passengers blip, tap, swipe or scan their way onboard. Account-based ticketing lets you maximise revenue while offering your passengers more convenient ways to pay. Best of all, it reduces onboarding delays to your service.

Learn more about Telia Crowd Insights >


Give you drivers real-time feedback on their driving and fuel consumption for safer and more energy and cost efficient driving. 

Learn more about  Eco-driving >

Onboard video surveillance

For the safety of your drivers and passengers, onboard cameras give you a live feed of what's happening as well as HD video capture so you have a record of what happened. 

Learn more about Video Surveillance >


Driver communication, messaging & alarms

Keep your drivers well connected with voice over Internet, text messages, and customized status codes. Keep them safe with an alarm button that automatically sends their GPS location.

Learn more about Voice over internet (VoIP)
Learn more about Message Push
Learn more about Driver's Alarm

Vehicle positioning & Driver ID

Get the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet to enable more effective fleet management. See where each vehicle is, how it's travelling, and where each of your drivers are.

Learn more about Vehicle Positioning
Learn more about Driver ID

Remote tachograph

Keep your drivers safe by making sure they follow their break requirements at the same time as fulfilling your regulatory obligations with remote tachograph monitoring.

Learn more about Tachograph Data Manager >

Onboard breathalyzer

For the safety of your passengers and reputation, onboard breathalyzers can be installed that prevent the ignition being started if alcohol is detected. 

Learn more about Onboard Breathalyzer >


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