The key metric in public transport is bums-on-seats. That means giving people a better alternative than taking the car. At the same time, you also need to find ways to reduce operating costs and emissions. Telia Smart Public Transport enables you to do both. It's a comprehensive solution that includes everything from your onboard hardware to your cloud platform. It delivers a range of onboard services for passengers and drivers. It also delivers digital tools and APIs to help public transport operators and providers to be more efficient, profitable and sustainable. 


Making public transport a better ride

When it comes to delivering a better experience for your customers, a few small things make a big difference. Onboard WiFi is a no-brainer – it turns dead-time into time to pay the bills, catch up with your friends on social media or crush an alien rebellion.  Onboard infotainment also lets you deliver local news and content - and advertising if you choose. 

Another great thing to give cusotmers is predictability. When people know when the bus will arrive, the wait seems shorter. It gives them a greater perception of control. Real Time Passenger Information delivered to bus stops and onboard makes the ride more predictable.

Electronic ticketing helps keep passengers flowing. 3rd party ticketing systems can be easily integrated and we’re working closely with our partners towards the national ticketing system. 

For passengers

A more predictable and reliable ride where they're always connected

For passengers

A more predictable and reliable ride where they're always connected

For Drivers

A safer work environment with the simplicity of everything on one screen

For operators

Better fleet and vehicle management with greater cost efficiency and sustainability

Safety & simplicity for drivers

Your drivers are your greatest asset. Telia Smart Public Transport delivers services to keep them safe and connected. These include video surveillance and driver alarm as well as driver ID, remote tachograph monitoring and even onboard alco-lock to ensure everyone’s safety. Then of course there’s the communication services you’d expect from a Telia solution: Voice over IP (VOIP), message push and Internet onboard to keep you and your drivers connected.

Optimise public transport operations

Your drivers can also reducing your fuel consumption – by up to 15%. Eco-Driving gives drivers real-time feedback to improve their acceleration, braking and driving patterns. The outcome is great fuel efficiency and that's great for the environment and your bottom line.

Fleet management also becomes a lot easier with real-time positioning, driver and vehicle performance data. You can optimise your operation in real time and make the most of your assets. And you can do it from your online dashboard or feed into your existing vehicle management systems via API.

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Telia Smart Public Transport is built on an open platform. So as well as the services it comes with, you can also add your own. Or 3rd party applications. And because you can feed the data via API into your existing fleet management programs, you can gain much more granular visibility of your operation and optimise it in real time. Learn more about Telia Smart Public Transport offering

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IOT Buyer's guide

IoT can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. It all comes down to being clear in what you're trying to achieve and undertstanding the best way to do it.  That's why we developed the IoT Buyer's Guide.


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