Internet Onboard – WiFi everywhere

Improve your passengers’ experience and let them stay deep in their online worlds – without blowing their data cap. With reliable, high-speed onboard WiFi from Telia, your passengers can connect easily and quickly. And you can see and manage your data and network.

Let the passengers make the most of their journey

Let your passengers make the most of their commute by offering them a stable Internet connection that is often faster than their own mobile phone. As a result, the passengers can work, do homework, surf the web, share photos and listen to music during the ride - anyplace, anytime, and regardless of whether their mobile plans put limits on their data usage.


User friendly interface

We make it easy for passengers to use the Wifi onboard. After connecting their web browsers, they are guided to your private portal site, where the user terms must be accepted. Each passenger is then allotted 300 MB of data per trip and they are alerted when 10% remains. When all data is used up, the user receives a new alert that the data pool is gone, but it will be refilled after one hour.

Detailed statistics for insights and analytics

In addition to a stable connection, you will receive very detailed statistics via the cloud-based portal. This for example, makes it easier to plan potential advertisements based on when most passengers are connected.


Increased passenger experience with a connected and enjoyable and productive ride for the commuters

Reliable, stable and fast internet connection; User-friendly for passengers to connect to onboard WiFi

Intuitive cloud-based customer portal where you receive comprehensive statistics of usage and can manage your network

How it works


Internet Onboard runs on the Telia Smart Public Transport platform. One or two Telia IoT Edge gateways (MIIPS C) equipped with antennas are installed in the vehicle. An access point is connected to the device(s) and together they deliver stable, high-speed WiFi for the passengers.


Commuters connect their devices to the onboard WiFi via captive portal through guided steps in their web browser.


Through the customer portal the operator will be able to monitor of number of users, times for usage and manage data limits and filter content.


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