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Big decisions shouldn’t be based on guesswork. They should be built on real-world data you can trust. Like the crowd movement patterns generated by our mobile networks. They measure reality and unlock actionable insights for data driven decision-makers.  

Telia Crowd Insights also let you measure impact. To compare 'before' with 'after' and prove the impact that decisions make. So you can keep learning from real-world data and keep building better decisions.

City Vitality Insights free 30 day trial

City Vitality Insights free 30 day trial

Did you know the ground-breaking digital tools being used to understand movement patterns during CV19 were actually designed to enable data-driven decision making for municipalities and cities?

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Movement patterns reveal behaviour patterns. Where do people travel to and from? When? How do crowds move at events? Where do tourists come from? How do people shop? By understanding where people spend their time and money, you can unlock new ways to give them a better experience: as shoppers, as commuters, as visitors and as residents. 

It’s always anonymous and GDPR compliant – we won’t compromise on that. By anonymising and aggregating data we can deliver rich crowd movement patterns at a country, city, suburb and street level. We can also incorporate WiFi analytics to deliver in-store or at-event insights. 

Our data set is 16 million customers across the Nordics. Each of them generates more than 400 signalling events a day as their phones move between cell towers. This gives us billions of data points every day with real-world accuracy.

Because we use data from our own cellular network, we can deliver data that is representative of populations with extremely high statistical confidence. Our data is accountable, explainable and transparent.

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