Make a meaningful change

Make a meaningful change

Reducing CO2 emissions will take more than good intentions. It requires action. Telia Travel Emission Insights gives city and environmental planners the tools to take those actions. It lets municipalities measure and benchmark the CO2 emissions from different routes and modes of transport. Then it helps them to prioritize which actions will have the biggest impact. It also lets them measure, share and report the progress they make.

Telia Travel Emission Inisights combines anonymized movement data from Telia's mobile network with the acclaimed CERO model of CO2 emissions. It's the key to data-driven decision making in the fight against climate change.

At a glance

Measure and benchmark the CO2 footprint of different transport modes

Measure and benchmark the CO2 footprint of different transport modes

Identify and prioritise the actions that have the biggest impact

Identify and prioritise the actions that have the biggest impact

Share and report progress and improvement over time

Share and report progress and improvement over time

CERO puts CO2 in focus

Telia Travel Emission Insights combine location-specific crowd movement data with the CERO (Climate and Economic Research in Organizations) model. This model was developed at The Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and is widely accepted as an accurate way for municipalities and private companies to benchmark their CO2 emissions and set action plans to reduce them in the most economically efficient way possible. Read more about CERO.

Measure all modes

To provide granular insights of how many people travel between different locations and when; anonymized and aggregated movement data from Telia’s mobile network is used. This data is generated when mobile phones move between different cell towers over the course of a day. The data is anonymized and aggregated to reveal crowd movement patterns. These show how many people move between which locations at different times of the day. Because it is based on movement data from over 16 million subscribers across the Nordics and Baltics, this provides a uniquely rich data set that is far more accurate than traditional surveys or observation sampling.

Prioritize the actions that make a difference

Telia Travel Emission Insights provide concrete recommendations of actions to take - and what CO2 reductions they can achieve. For transport planners it answers questions such as: Where should we invest in bus lanes and where should we invest in bike lanes? Where could public transport improvements make public transport faster than taking the car?

For sustainability teams and environmental coordinators within municipalities, it provides a tool to model different scenarios and calculate the results that each could have. This enables more data-driven public spending decisions and the ability to provide transparent reasoning as to why decisions are made and what they expect to achieve. 

Measure and report your progress

To reach the Paris agreement and limit global warming to 1.5°C, CO2 emissions must be cut by 7.6 % each year for the next decade. This leaves no room for guessing if something is working or not. Telia Travel Emission Insights include historical data going back to 2019. This makes it possible to compare the current state with the past from day one. It also makes it possible to measure the impact of changes over time. It also makes it simple to report the CO2 emissions from travel and fulfill the reporting requirements of the IPCC (Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change) that will become mandatory from 2024.

"With Telia's service, I expect that we can get a more detailed picture of these trips, and also get help to see how emissions are affected by the different initiatives we implement for more sustainable travel

- Sara Olsson, environmental strategist at Järfälla Municipality. 

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Telia Travel Emission Insights is a subscription-based service for municipalities. It's also one of the most powerful digital tools available in the fight against climate change. If you would like to learn more or to have a demo, let's talk...

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