Ticket Sales & Validation

Give your passengers modern, efficient, and simplified way for buying and validating public transport tickets to increase customer satisfaction and optimize revenue. 

Flexibility for you and your passengers

Telia Ticket Sales & Validation is a smart account-based ticketing service that collects and stores fare information in a digital account in the back-office instead of on dedicated cards. This enables you as a public transport authority or operator to provide your passengers with several different ways of validation: contactless bank cards (cEMV), mobile ticketing, QR codes or NFC cards. The customer centric solution offers simplified and seamless travel with maximum flexibility in fare calculations for best fare price policy. Making choosing public transport easy. 


Telia Ticket Sales & Validation support contactless bank card (EMV) payments directly in the ticket validators. In this way you can help occasional and local commuters’ access public transport in an easy way as the bank card can be used for easy payment. Telia deliver the full chain of operations for the authority or operator. 

Working both on- and offline 

To protect revenue, Account-Based Ticketing can operate both online and offline. Data is regularly synchronized, depending on the network capabilities and technical configuration of the system, enabling offline operations and continuous service even during network outages.

Telia Ticket Sales & Validation supports: 

  • Open-loop EMV contactless bank cards 
  • Mobile ticketing 
  • Closed-loop travel cards and QR-codes 
  • API integrations for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) 


Flexible ticketing options and fare policies

Simple, convenient and easy to use

Lower cost of cloud instead of hardware

How it works


Cloud-based backend is integrated to acquiring bank and customer’s existing ticketing backend


Ticket sales and validation devices providing passenger self-service ticket purchase and validation, are installed in the vehicle


If driver needs to sell tickets, touchscreen, ticket printer and payment terminal will be installed for driver

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