Driver’s alarm – keep drivers and passengers safe

Enhance driver safety by connecting an alarm with GPS-positioning that immediately sends an alert with the driver's position to alarm receiving center when the “panic button” is pressed.

Alarm with GPS

Although the majority of passengers are pleasant, there’s always the possibility of threatening or dangerous situations arising for drivers or the risk of robbery or violence for passengers. In these situations, the ability to send an instant alarm along with the current vehicle location is indispensable.

Alarm with audio communication

When the alarm button is activated, the alarm receiving center is notified of the GPS position of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, audio communication is established so that the alarm receiver can listen and monitor the situation and take appropriate action.


Immediate alarm with real-time GPS-positioning when activated; Connect VoIP with the alarm button and GPS for increased security

Numerous alarm receiving protocols are supported so you can choose your own alarm headquarters

Remote software configuration; Intuitive cloud-based customer portal

How it works


Driver’s Alarm runs on the Telia Smart Public Transport platform and is an accessory for the VOIP app. In addition to VOIP components, an alarm button is installed in the vehicle.


When the driver presses the button, Telia IoT Edge gateway (MIIPS C) records the current GPS position, which is sent to the alarm receiving center. The unit simultaneously opens an audio connection from the driver’s call equipment, over the public telephone network, to the alarm receiver.


The alarm is also registered in the cloud-based customer portal, where you can see all alarms after they have come in. Because we support numerous protocols for connection to the alarm receiver – including SOS Access V4, which enables you to connect with SOS Alarm – you can choose your own alarm headquarters.


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