Customer insights for physical stores   

Customer insights for physical stores  

Telia Crowd Insights can tell you a lot about your customers. How many people pass by a given location at a given time? What are their demographics and how many could be potential customers? And what do they do when they get into your store? Telia Crowd Insights gives you actionable insights to guide your business decisions.


By analysing anonymised data from our mobile networks and from your local Wi-Fi networks, we can identify crowd movement patterns. These help you understand the behaviour patterns of the people who come to your store and, just as importantly, those who don’t. You’ll also know where people travel to and from, as well as how things vary depending on time, season and weather conditions.

We can also complement your insights from the mobile network with more granular WiFi probe data giving you insights on how people move inside your stores.

Reimagining the Store

Trend Report: the role of the physical store in an omnichannel age

Reimagining the Store

Put your BUSINESs where your customers are

When deciding where to position a new store or business, the most important consideration is where your customers are. Telia Crowd Insights makes location scouting and competitor benchmarking easy with comparison views in your dashboards.

Forget guesswork – now you have the full current picture, as well as detailed historical trends. That includes crowd distribution variations during the day, throughout the week and between seasons.


Telia Crowd Insights are always anonymous. The data is collected in a way that make it impossible to identify an individual’s identity – we always put subscribers’ privacy first.



Start today, and you can already see what happened yesterday and the day before. And last week, month and year. In fact, you can have a full two-year data set on your dashboard tomorrow. Compare that with starting a survey!

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