Optimize everything!

Optimize everything!

E-commerce is nothing without the physical logistics that deliver it. It's the truck drivers, warehouse workers and distribution managers who are the true infrastructure of online commerce. They need digital tools to optmise and fine-tune every detail of their operation to keep meeting ever-growing consumer expectations. And they need networks that let them do it.

Digitalize your vehicles and optimize your fleet

Telia Connected Vehicle is an end-to-end solution that consolidates all of your vehicle’s digtal systems and puts them an onboard screen for your drivers and a cloud-based dashboard for you. 

For drivers it simplifies the increasingly digital nature of driving. It gives them real-time data from all of the digital systems in the vehicle on one screen.

For fleet managers – whether you operate 2 or 200 vehicles – it gives you the ability to manage and optimise your vehicles and fleet in real time. As well as your cloud-based portal, you can also feed data into your existing management systems via API.

Drive your fuel costs down

In anything measured in kilometres and hours; efficiency matters. Nowhere is this more true than in transport, and as the largest cost component of most supply chains, even small efficiency improvements compound into big differences.

Ecodrive is one of these apps. It gives drivers real-time feedback on how their driving performance affects fuel consumption. By understanding how braking, acceleration and gear changes affect the vehicles fuel consumption; you can save up to 12% on fuel costs and emissions. Read more 

A flexible network that won't break

Connectivity is the oil that keeps the supply chain running smoothly. Your network needs to be able to evolve with your business. That’s why we deliver modular and scalable connectivity solutions that give you maximum control. A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) gives you control so you can maximise the performance for your core online functions, such as cloud applications. At the same time, you can reduce the connectivity costs of functions that are less business-critical, such as email and periodic reporting. Because SD-WAN is a cloud-based solution, you don’t have the cost or risk of being stuck with obsolete technology. Read more about SD-WAN and Business Defined Networks.

Provide great customer service in all channels at once

Great customer experience means not only giving your customers visibility of where their cargo is, but also an easy and frustration-free way to communicate with you. Telia Ace is a customer service platform that lets your occupants communicate with you on their terms. Phone, chat, email, social media and text are all combined onto a single platform that makes it simple for your customer service team to respond quickly and solve problems in a timely manner. Learn more about Telia Ace Customer Service Platform.

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