Camera Surveillance – improve your security onboard

Your passengers, drivers and vehicles are all safer when you can keep an eye on them. Onboard video surveillance for bus or train let you remotely monitor what’s happening via live feed or download hi-res video to see what happened.

Make the journey more secure

With our solution you can connect up to eight CCTV cameras, allowing you to monitor a large area of your vehicle. During boarding and disembarking, the driver can see in real time on a touchscreen display whether it is safe to close the doors. The same screen can automatically switch to a rear-view camera when the vehicle is moving in reverse.

See live streaming or download on demand

Telia’s Camera Surveillance offers a safe and reliable solution with central management. The CCTV cameras are available online along with downloadable images. 


Increase security onboard for your driver, passengers and vehicle; See pictures via live view, live streaming or recording

Reduce vandalism; Improve customer service

The software is configured remotely

How it works


Camera Surveillance runs on the Telia Smart Public Transport platform.


A camera is mounted in the area to be monitored and then connected to a Telia IoT Edge gateway (MIIPS C) that stores recorded data and communicates with a web service over the mobile network. Video can be streamed in real-time or reviewed when required.


If you would like to provide your driver with a live-view, the driver can select any onboard camera angle via the touchscreen display. This can also provide a split view of feed from up to four cameras at a time.


Download the .pdf and read about this service in more detail

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