It’s a fine balance to provide better public transport services that encourage sustainable travel at the same time as reducing operating costs. The key lies in truly understanding what your passengers want and finding more efficient ways of giving it to them.


­­­­Until now, it has been hard to get data that lets you see the full picture. Travel surveys give unreliable data, as well as being time consuming and costly. You can get an idea of movements by simply counting tickets, but that’s not the whole story. It doesn’t tell you where a commuter started their journey, how long they waited for connections or where their final destination was.

Telia Crowd Insights gives you the full picture. Better yet, it gives it to you immediately and continuously – instead of having to wait for completed surveys. Crowd movement patterns reveal where people start and end their journeys and where they go along the way. They show how people travel – including those who don’t take public transport. And they do all of this while maintaining full data anonymity – the privacy of our subscribers will always come first.


The travel patterns of people who don’t take public transport can be as valuable as data from those who do. They can reveal gaps in your network that you can turn into lucrative new routes.

Telia Crowd Insights is the ideal foundation for transport planning. And you can build on this continuously with supplementary data from surveys, passenger counts and road measurements. This gives you the confidence to make decisions based on reliable data. Just as importantly, comparing movement patterns makes it easy to measure the impact of the actions you take. Compare current levels with a historical baseline and you can prove the impact of your initiatives.


Telia Crowd Insights are always anonymous. The data is collected in a way that make it impossible to identify an individual’s identity – we always put subscribers’ privacy first.


Understanding how traffic patterns vary during the day, throughout the week and between seasons helps make the unpredictable predictable. But even more interesting is what happens when unusual events occur. What impact does a subway stoppage or a snowstorm have on commuter behaviour? What contingency measures do people take? When you can see how crowd patterns change as a result of these events, you can plan the most effective backup services.

If you’re a transport operator tendering for business in new locations, Telia Crowd Insights is your secret weapon. Now you can come to the table with a deeper understanding of the region than competing operators who may have worked there for years.


Zoom out. See which part of your city or surrounding towns people start their journey from. Zoom in. See how they move around and within stations. Crowd movement data can be complemented by anonymized Wi-Fi data for a detailed picture that enables you to deliver services where they are most needed.   


Start today, and you can already see what happened yesterday and the day before. And last week, month and year. In fact, you can have a full two-year data set on your dashboard tomorrow. Compare that with starting a survey!

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