Connecting buses for sustainable public transport operations and happier passengers
Connecting buses for sustainable public transport operations and happier passengers
Connecting buses for sustainable public transport operations and happier passengers

Connecting buses for sustainable public transport operations and happier passengers

Public transport is at the heart of any infrastructure in modern society. And to do the job right it needs to be sustainable and smart. In Finland, public transport operator Pohjolan Liikenne leads the way together with Telia, by electrification and digitalization of buses.

The buses are equipped and connected with Telia IoT Edge, an onboard gateway, enabling digital features to reduce costs and emissions while simplifying for drivers and passengers for a better ride. Real-time data received from the vehicles are used for immediate action in the operations as well as in long-term planning.

“The information from Telia’s system helps us make better decisions in many areas,” says Pohjolan Liikenne CEO Janne Hattula. “The data we collect everyday gives us feedback on our services and on the performance of each driver. With that, we can become more energy efficient, achieve safer operations and increase customer satisfaction.” 

Digital solutions enable sustainable public transport operations

Pohjolan Liikenne uses several features provided by Telia Smart Public Transport in the daily operations. With Vehicle Climate Management, the company can schedule automatic temperature controls on the buses to avoid unnecessary heating or cooling and to ensure a pleasant in-bus climate throughout the journey.

The EcoDriving function gives the drivers real-time feedback on how to drive in a more sustainable way, enabling more cost-efficient and sustainable operations.  And the Automatic Passenger Count enables Pohjolan Liikenne and the public transport authorities (PTA) to get insights on travel demands based on data when and where people get on and off. This is to enable them to make adjustments and plan the public transport delivery to fit the passenger’s needs.

Pohjolan Liikenne’s vision is to be the “greenest” and most attractive public transport operator in Finland.

“Environmentally friendly traffic is the most important thing for us,” Janne says. “Even though we are in the bus business it is, in the end, a people business. We need to be able to create new ways of working together with our drivers and in our organization. Telia helps us move forward.”

Secure and efficient fleet management for public transport

Other features of Telia Smart Public Transport include onboard Camera Surveillance for increased safety, and Vehicle Health which continuously checks on the condition of the vehicles. All in all, the system provides Pohjolan Liikenne with a complete package of digital solutions for the continuous improvement of operations.

Janne Hattula says: “The biggest benefit of our cooperation with Telia is that it includes all the elements that are related to the operations with the buses. This helps us to plan for the future and develop new solutions which make us more competitive.”

The cooperation with Telia started in 2019 and continues to play an important part in Pohjolan Liikenne’s journey toward sustainable operations and happy passengers.

“A model where you can work widely with one partner is good, and need a partner who can be flexible and understand your needs as a customer. Telia is giving us just that,” Janne Hattula says.

Pohjolan Liikenne: Five key benefits with Telia IoT onboard 
1.    Real-time data enable better planning 
2.    Smart IoT features onboard reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions.
3.    Onboard services increase customer satisfaction and improve the working environment for drivers.
4.    Connected Public Transport services enables a safer journey and a more reliable fleet.
5.    One partner for all IoT solutions enables efficient and flexible processes.

Read more about Telia Smart Public Transport here. 

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