Give your customers a better online experience

Give your customers a better online experience

You can give your customers an online experience so good – they won’t even notice it. That's because they will no longer have to wait for your page to load or your app to respond. And just as importantly, you can protect your site from DDoS and cyber attacks – so you're always online when they visit. 

Instant response and enhanced performance

Instant response and enhanced performance

Increased security & stability

Increased security & stability

Better end user experience

Better end user experience

Security & stability

When your business relies on the quality of your network, and it slows down or goes down;  the results are much worse online than they are on the high street. Telia CDN is designed to always keep your site online, fast and protected. Regardless of where your customers are in the world, our network ensures stability and security so that no technical mishaps will interrupt your business.

Telia’s CDN employs a multitude of tools for protection – Web Application Firewall, Bot Mitigation, Rate Limiting, Token Authentication, Origin Shield and SSL certification  –  to ensure your site can't be hacked.

Reduce cost
By managing your traffic through our network, you reduce the impact on your own servers. Leaving you with more time on your hands and more money in the budget. 

Disruption protection
Stop brute force attacks, as well as “low and slow” attacks, before they reach your firewall and servers – globally. 

Global Threat Protection
Get dynamic and automatic updates to your script defences as new attacks are recognisedglobally.   Through partnerships with other security companies globally, rulesets are shared so that everyone can learn from each other. 

24/7 Monitoring
Our Security Operations Center analyses, monitors and acts against related threats to your business in real time. Ease the workload of your IT staff and let our SOC give you an important advantage over those who threaten your business.

Speed & performance

Most businesses would love their site to be flooded with traffic. But what happens if your infrastructure can't cope? 200 millisecond is the bench mark today, just a small increase in delay in page loading can mean the difference between success or failure. Humans are impatient and require streamlined transactions. Telia’s CDN includes lightning fast network servers, on the best backbone in the world, and global reach to satisfy your customers, wherever they may be. 

When it’s the busiest time of year, you need the assurance of knowing that your site can handle the traffic. Customers can’t wait on servers that get congested, delayed and even crash. No business can afford this uncertainty and loss. Telia’s CDN has servers around the globe so load times are fast, effective, and ensure your customers’ experience is always the best, even when it's busy.

Increase conversion 
Our CDN helps your business to increase page speed, leading to improved user experience and search engine rankings. Cutting the page load time by multiple seconds have a huge impact on the conversion rate.  

Grow your audience
Your online business might be fast here, but how is it performing in other parts of your market, further from your servers?  Increase your ability to serve users across geographies, devices, browsers and platforms. 

CDN for media streaming

CDN for media streaming

If you offer server-intensive streaming, we can help you deliver a smooth experience audience – even for the most complex content.

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Gain complete control over your web traffic and gain valuable insights. Everything from server performance and bandwidth utilization to user demographics and content usage. You gain a broad set of automation tools but still have the ability to control traffic manually and block any unwanted visitors. 


Our Security Operations Center analyses, monitors and acts against related threats to your business in real time. And if anything does go wrong, we have technicians and experts on standby around the clock to solve them quickly and keep you online. And if you're wondering what a Security Operations Center looks like, this is ours:

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