What is your location worth?

What is your location worth?

To understand the value of your location, you need to understand how many people pass by and what type of services will suit them. Telia Crowd Insights lets you measure the crowd volumes in the area surrounding your building and to compare different times of day and days of the week. With unbiased and fair visitor counts Telia Crowd Insights provides strong negotiation arguments with regarding rental prices and conditions. You can also gain a clear understanding of where these visitors came from and correlate them with demographic data to build a clear picture of what types of visitors each building location attracts.

Telia Crowd Insights

Telia Crowd Insights are generated from irreversibly anonyimized and aggregated mobile network data. Every cellphone tower automatically registers how many active mobile phones are within range. By counting the number of mobile devices in each area of the cellular network at a given time, it is possible to measure the crowd size in different locations.

Put your building where your customers are

Telia Crowd Insights provides a great tool for deciding where is the best location to open a new office - or another store. It enables location analysis and competitor benchmarking with easy-to-use, map-based dashboards. As well as what's happening now, you can also compare detailed historical data to identify trends such as variations during the day, throughout the week and between the seasons.

Privacy first. Always.

Telia Crowd Insights are always anonymous. The data is collected in a way that make it impossible to identify an individual’s identity – we always put subscribers’ privacy first.

Privacy first. Always.

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