Communication that won't go down

Communication that won't go down

Elevators are the heart of a well-functioning building. If they stop, you have a problem. Even more so if you’re inside at the time. Telia Elevator Communication ensures that emergency communication is always connected. This enables property owners and elevator manufacturers to maximise passenger safety and comply with safety regulations.

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Emergency communication for elevators

In new elevators, it makes sense to get it right from the start. Our lift phones are small and compact with an appealing design which meets the demands of a modern elevator. With focus on safety and high operating reliability, the system ensures high-quality alarm communication according to European standards. They are easy to use and easy to maintain. They also offer several technical in- and out-puts for monitoring and control of elevator status and to enable proactive maintenance.

Our systems are perfectly suited to upgrade older elevators’ alarm communication to current European standards. The alarm system is user-friendly and easily mounted. With a compact design, the alarm unit is easy to fit behind all types of panels. This makes retrofitting easy and keeps maintenance low.  

Upgrade to wireless alarm communication in locations where there is no fixed telephone line - or to set up a temporary solution for example in construction areas. Communication over the mobile network works instantly and in some cases can be less costly than a fixed telephone line.

Telia LTE Gateway

Futureproof your elevator emergency communication and door intercoms solutions with 4G connection

Telia LTE Gateway seamlessly upgrades existing landlines, 2G, or 3G elevator emergency communication and door intercom solutions to 4G communication. Additionally, it offers a straightforward installation process and reliable alarm communication, making it suitable for both temporary and permanent setups. Our 4G LTE gateway is built for purpose with industrial-grade quality with a robust metal casing.

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Telia LTE Gateway for elevators

New and improved emergency communication units

Our systems are characterized by sturdiness, reliability, ease of use, installation and configuration and holds a full assortment of accessories to suit all types of installations.

The new Flex Duo lift phone

Flex Duo is an upgrade to its predecessor EC II Flex, a lift phone designed with focus on safety that complies with new European standards. Mounting the stainless steel device in the elevator is easy and you can choose from several mounting options. If desired, more speech units can be connected above or below the car - hence, offering a flexible solution. 

Flex Duo complies with the new EN81:28 2018 standard and has upgraded features for even better operating reliability. Features such as updated audio software for all pre-recorded messages, 2 programmable relays, pictogram output, button self-test, unified software help keep your elevators and the people using them safe.

The unit provides added features for easy maintenance such as self-testing and accelerometer for filtering of false alarms. It has power supply redundancy, using two different power sources to ensure high operating reliability.

Flex Duo product sheet

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Flex Duo product sheet

Telia Smart Building

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Need support? First line support for elevator products is primarily handled by your local supplier. Telia is available for secondary support.

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