Put your building on your screen

Put your building on your screen

Collect real-time data from your building so you can optimize it in real time. By monitoring the indoor climate, you can maximize tenants' comfort while reducing your energy costs and emissions.

By integrating data from your other building management systems; you can really start to see the big picture and start unlocking new sources of value, comfort and cost efficiency.


Create a more comfortable and healthy environment

Create a more comfortable and healthy environment

Optimise and reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions

Optimise and reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions

Maximise the usage of your meeting rooms and facilities

Maximise the usage of your meeting rooms and facilities

Indoor Climate Monitoring

By monitoring the temperature and humidity in different parts of your building; you can keep your tenants comfortable and avoid wasting energy. This is good for tenant satisfaction, great for cost management and even better for the environment. It's a win-win-win.

Clear the air

When the temperature and air quality in the room is perfect, nobody notices. But if it starts getting too hot or too cold – or if CO2 levels start making it stuffy – it affects people’s comfort, concentration and productivity. It's even more serious if people are unknowingly exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can have dangerous effects on health. 

Telia Indoor Climate Monitoring provides real time air quality indexing (AQI) as well as helping building managers to identify any potential problem areas that need to be addressed.

Occcupancy monitoring

Telia Indoor Climate Monitoring also provides presence monitoring so you can see which rooms or workplaces are being used and which aren’t. It lets you know if booked meeting rooms are actually in use and lets you make the most of the ones you've got. It helps people identify which desks or work spaces are available and lets office managers understand the true demand at different times throughout the week. It also helps you to understand traffic flow in common areas such as building entrances and hallways so you can understand how people behave and give them a better experience.

Telia IoT Platform

The Telia IoT Platform is at the heart of Telia Smart Building. It is an open platform that lets you combine multiple data sources to enable real-time monitoring, deep operational insights, and APIs for you to build upon.



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