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Our connected lives are only as good as the networks that connect them. This is more important than ever as more and more people embrace the 'work-from-anywhere' philosophy. Telia Fiber lets you give your tenants the best possible online experience. We provide open fiber so they can choose whichever internet and content providers they like. We also offer the leading TV, phone and broadband packages if your tenants want to choose the best.

Key Benefits

One-stop-shop from planning and excavation to fiber connection throughout your building

Open network as well as leading TV, Phone & Broadband packages

Powerful, stable & reliable broadband and high-quality IP telephony

Open fiber means limitless possibilities

It's your tenants who should choose what they want to watch and connect to. That's why we provide open fiber. It means they can choose whichever connectivity and content provider they prefer.

Of course, if they want to choose the best, we also provide the leading range of TV, Broadband and IP telephony packages in the Nordics and Baltics. All delivered over Telia's highly secure and reliable network. 

Keep everyone connected

Contrary to popular belief, mobile phones haven't completely taken over. When you're deep inside a buiding, even our mobile network can struggle to deliver crystal clear sound. The answer is to put it over IP. By offering IP telephony to your tenants, they have the option to use the telephones they're used to - but with a clarity that makes communication that little bit easier. The difference is crystal clear.

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