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Managing a building today means relying on connectivity – from building management systems to cloud platforms. That reliance however, can present a risk. You need to be sure that your building's network is not only high-performance and ultra-reliable – it also needs to be secure. Cyber attacks that previously targeted computers and servers, are increasingly being directed towards phones, tablets and IoT connected devices. To ensure the safety of your systems, you need to start from the network up. 


Create a coherent network blueprint that can evolve with your building's needs

Consolidate your buildings' IT systems into a single view

Provide multi-layer protection for your networks, systems and digital assets

Secure your network

Telia Real Estate IT provides secure network services to make the most of the emerging proptech opportunities of today and to evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow. By establishing a clear network blueprint, you can ensure your network remains coherent and minimise your costs throughout the lifetime of your network. With a consolidated network, you can gain one-view IT management. And by enabling network segmentation and 'Zero Trust' configurations, you can tightly control who can access which parts of your network. 

Real Estate WiFi

WiFi makes the world go round. By providing fast and stable WiFi in the common areas in and outside your building; you can make life a lot smoother for your commercial and residential tenants as well as their guests. Whether it's for your tenants to surf the web or make IP phone calls while waiting for the laundry to dry to – or for your tenants' smart cars to access updates in underground garages – A Telia Real Estate WiFi solution makes sure the WiFi works wherever you need it. 

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