Safer apartments and more satisfied tenants

Safer apartments and more satisfied tenants

Telia Smart Living delivers value both ways. It lets building managers connect each apartment's fire and water-leakage alarms with automated alerts and a real-time dashboard. It also lets tenants connect smart locks, lights and appliances in their apartments and control them with an app. As an added bonus, it also offers a range of digital tools to keep busy families organized and younger kids safe. 

Key Benefits

Centrally monitor fire and water leakage alarms

Centrally monitor fire and water leakage alarms

Give tenants an app for smart lights, locks and appliances

Give tenants an app for smart lights, locks and appliances

Make everyday life simpler and safer for busy families

Make everyday life simpler and safer for busy families

Reduce risk with connected alarms

Connected water leakage alarm
If not detected early, water leakages can be a disaster. Telia Smart Living's connected water leakage detectors provide an early warning in the case of leaking pipes, dishwashers, washing machines or ceilings – as well as overflowing baths or basins. Sensors are placed in relevant risk areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

Connected fire alarm
Speed is everything when it comes to fire risks. Telia Smart Living's connected fire alarms provide early warning for anyone who is in the apartment – as well as building managers in case no one is home. EU-certified sensors detect smoke and temperature deviations. 

If a fire or leakage is detected, these alarms provide alerts via:

  • Built in siren
  • Push notification to the Telia Smart Living app to alert tenants if they aren't home
  • Push notification to building manager's dashboard so they can react quickly to minimise damage

Fire and water leakage alarms are battery powered and connect wirelessly to the Telia Smart Living gateway via Zigbee connectivity. Fire alarms have a battery life of 3 years while water leakage alarms have have a 5 year battery life.

Importantly, the battery level and activation status of each alarm can be monitored via the Telia Smart Living app and dashboard. This avoids the risk of batteries running out - without needing manual inspections. This also avoids the scenario where alarms are accidentally or intentionally deactivated by tenants. 

An easy start for a smart apartment

As any early adopter will tell you, "smart home" benefits need to outweigh the hassle. That was our starting point. Telia Smart Living offers tenants an app that makes it easy for any user to start connecting smart home applications – and to be able to control them all from one interface. Your tenants simply need to connect their gateway, download the app, and start adding smart services such as Ikea, Osram and Yale Locks.

Unlock it from your pocket

The pandemic has made home delivery part of the new normal. This means needing to be home to accept delivery – or risk someone else helping themselves. Smart locks are a great solution. For starters, they mean tenants can never forget their keys again. When combined with the Smart Living app, tenants can also remotely lock and unlock their apartments to let deliveries or service personnel in. They can do this via the app when the delivery arrives or generate a one-time code in advance. 

Smart locks are great for building managers too. When tenants move out, you can simply reset the master codes and your new tenants can start over without the hassle of changing locks and keys. 

Telia Smart Living

Smart lamps, plugs and appliances

Smart lights deliver the simple luxury of not needing to get up from the sofa. Smart plugs and appliances let you get more creative. Like setting the Christmas tree lights to turn themselves off at the end of each evening. Or turning the coffee maker on from bed. The main thing is that it needs to be easy - and it needs to just connect. Telia Smart Living gives your tenants an easy start to a smart apartment.

Smart Family Organizer

Telia Smart Living also includes all of the family organization and safety features of the Telia Smart Family app. These include the Family Finder service so you can see exactly where younger kids are and HomeSafe Notifications so you know when they get home. It also provides the private and ad-free Family Feed to communicate with your family and Smart Notifications to set reminders to automatically pop up when kids get home or at certain times or intervals.

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