Maximize comfort and minimize costs

Maximize comfort and minimize costs

No-one ever notices when the temperature’s just right. But if they’re too hot or cold, you'll hear about it. Telia Indoor Climate Monitoring lets you remotely monitor the temperature and humidity throughout your building or buildings. That way, you can proactively manage the indoor climate to keep your tenants more comfortable. You can also identify and prevent energy wastage to reduce your energy costs and unnecessary CO2 emissions. 

Key benefits

Monitor real-time temperature and optimize tenant comfort

Monitor real-time temperature and optimize tenant comfort

Identify energy wastage and reduce costs & CO2 emissions

Identify energy wastage and reduce costs & CO2 emissions

Retrofittable, plug-n-play, end-to-end solution

Retrofittable, plug-n-play, end-to-end solution

Monitor temperature & humidity

Monitor the temperature and humidity throughout your building – or buildings – from an easy-to-use dashboard powered by the Telia IoT Platform. You can also set up automated alerts so you will be notified if any preset parameters – such as low or hight temperatures – are exceeded.  The Telia IoT Platform gives you standardised REST APIs that you can integrate with your existing systems and BMS to enable building automation. 

Reduce building emissions and energy costs

The Telia IoT Platform enables you to compare current and historical data and to analyse it and identify 'hot spots' or where energy is being wasted and 'cold spots' where your tenants' comfort is at risk. This let's you take proactive action to increase comfort and reduce energy wastage and unnecessary CO2 emissions. 

Digitalizing 30,000 apartments with Rikshem

To streamline property management and provide a better experience for tenants, Rikshem is digitalizing its buildings with Telia Smart Building. Watch the film to learn more.

Direct-to-network connectivity across the Nordics and Baltics

Powered by Telia NB-IoT

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is the first cellular network designed specifically for IoT. It is designed to deliver small amounts of data at set intervals. This uses so little power, that batteries can last for years without needing to be changed. It can also connect deeper inside buildings and underground and reach further than traditional IoT connectivity.

Because Telia Indoor Climate Monitoring uses NB-IoT for direct-to-network connectivity, installation is a breeze. No wires, no cables, just turn it on, register the location, and it will auto-connect to the Telia IoT Platform so your data is right there on your dashboard. 

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