Improve building air quality

Improve building air quality

Improve the air quality in your building with real-time monitoring and Air Quality Indexing. Telia Air Quality Monitoring connects wireless sensors throughout your building to measure the temperature, humidity CO2 levels and volatile organic compounds (VOC) to calculate sIAQ (Static Indoor Air Quality).

Key Benefits

Monitor air quality in real time

Monitor air quality in real time

Get alerts if VOCs are detected

Get alerts if VOCs are detected

Retrofittable plug-n-play solution

Retrofittable plug-n-play solution

Dashboards, alerts & APIs

Building managers can monitor this data live on a web-based dashboard and compare with historical data to identify trends, spot problem areas, and make adjustments accordingly. Automated alerts can be set up to notify if pre-set parameters are exceeded. All measurement data is also provided via an open API enabling it to be integrated with existing building management systems.

As well as the overall Air Quality Index, building managers are also able to see granular data for:

  • sIAQ: Static IAQ Index - estimates Indoor air quality in 0-500+ range.
  • CO₂e: CO₂ equivalent - estimates a CO₂e concentration [ppm] in the environment.​
  • Pressure: Barometric Pressure - ±0.6 hPa (typical) ​
  • Temperature: Ambient Air Temperature -  ±0.5 °C (typical) ​
  • Humidity: Ambient Relative Humidity - ±3.0 %RH (typical) ​
  • bVOCeq: Breath-VOC equivalent - estimates VOC concentration [ppm] in the environment.​

Monitor, optimise and automate

The foundation of the solution is the Telia IoT Platform. It provides easy-to-use dashboards so that you can remotely monitor air quality in real time. It also lets you set up alerts to be triggered if the air quality drops below preset thresholds. The platform also gives you the digital tools to analyse air quality in different parts of your building and identify any problem areas where the air is “stuffy” and uncomfortable.

As well as dashboards and alerts, you also get standardised REST APIs that enable you to integrate into your existing systems and help you to automate your building. With the future in view, you have full ownership of your data without needing to worry about siloed data or vendor lock-in. This means you can solve your challenges of today as well as making the most of whatever emerges in the future.

Direct-to-network connectivity across the Nordics and Baltics

Powered by Telia NB-IoT

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is the first cellular network designed specifically for IoT. It is designed to deliver small amounts of data at set intervals. This uses so little power, that batteries can last for years without needing to be changed. It can also connect deeper inside buildings and underground and reach further than traditional IoT connectivity.

Because Telia Indoor Climate Monitoring uses NB-IoT for direct-to-network connectivity, installation is a breeze. No wires, no cables, just turn it on, register the location, and it will auto-connect to the Telia IoT Platform so your data is right there on your dashboard. 

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