Scalability needs simplicity

Keeping your products connected all over the world is not easy. You need to handle multiple operators, contracts and technical integrations – as well as staying on top of ever-changing roaming regulations. If you slip up, your products' connectivity goes down.

Take control

Telia Global IoT Connectivity gives you a new layer of control. It gives you a programmable network to orchestrate your global data flows and connectivity in close to real time. In combination with this, we connect you to a global ecosystem of pre-integrated connectivity providers. It means you can control all of your products around the world with one technical integration and one contract through one interface. 

Put simply, it's the best way to connect your products in a compliant and secure way – on a global scale.

A cloud-native programmable network with
a global ecosystem of pre-integrated operators

Your world at your fingertips

For scalability and security, the future of global IoT is in the cloud. That's because IoT applications require increasingly intricate data routing combined with ultra-high levels of responsiveness and reliability. On top of this, ever-evolving threats mean that security is now always mission-critical. But to be globally scalable, your IoT connectivity also needs to be manageable. That's why we have developed a solution that lets you control your connectivity and data flows with a single interface. 

Go beyond roaming

Roaming was never meant for IoT – and it's starting to show. More and more countries are bringing in new regulations and restrictions that make your connectivity non-compliant at short notice. To stay compliant, you need two things: a Telia eSIM powered by eUICC software and a global ecosystem of pre-integrated connectivity partners. That way, you can roam where it still makes sense but also have local connectivity agreements for highly regulated markets. We negotiate and maintain these agreements. All you need to do is connect.  


Read about the emerging trends and challenges of global IoT connectivity – and how a new hyperscale approach has the potential to greatly reduce global connectivity costs.

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“Telia is a technology leader in its home markets and has demonstrated a great
understanding of the changing dynamics of providing global connectivity.”

Transforma Insights - Communications Service Providers
IoT Peer Benchmarking Report 2020


A new approach to Global IoT

Buy all your global IoT connectivity in one place to simplify global connectivity management and deployment

Lift your IoT data to the cloud and orchestrate your connectivity, data and SMS flows in near-real time

Embed one type of eSIM to connect and manage all of your devices globally in a compliant way

Integrate once and gain fast and direct access to our solution and support from one interface

Gather insights to make data-driven decisions and enable process automation

Build on your existing infrastructure with a modular platform and REST APIs to accelerate speed to market

How it works

Simplicity comes in layers. From device to dashboard and everything in between. See how Telia Global IoT Connectivity works – and how you can benefit from it. Or contact us and we will show it to you in action.

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Start small and start scaling

Scalability also needs flexibility. Pay only for the connectivity you use and scale from MB to GB as your business grows. The more you use, the less it costs. 

Choose a plan that fits your needs – standard, premium or enterprise. Order your first SIM cards, and you are good to go. All with the simplicity of one contract, one point-of-contact, and one technical integration. 

Standard: A perfect fit for companies who want a simple solution for their start-up IoT initiative, with an eye on future global ambitions.

Premium: An ideal solution for companies  who are in a scale-up phase of their global IoT roll-out, with a need for additional reach and performance.

Enterprise: Recommended for large global IoT deployments that may require additional flexibility and customization for full leverage of the platform.

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