Great things come in small packets

A little data on a large scale can deliver a lot of value. By collecting data from many sensors, you can unlock insights into what's happening throughout your operation and across your market. 

Great things come in small packets

A little data on a large scale can deliver a lot of value. By collecting data from many sensors, you can unlock insights into what's happening throughout your operation and across your market. 

Telia Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT connectivity is delivered by the 2 technologies that make up the 'massive IoT' component of 5G. NB-IoT is optimised for low data connectivity with maximum reach, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.  LTE-M offers higher data rates to do things previously only possible with high-performance IoT.

Both technologies reach further and deeper underground and into buildings than traditional IoT connectivity. And because they're both direct-to-network, you can multiply that reach by the scale of our network for seamless connectivity across the Nordics. 


Security and reliability of dedicated licensed spectrum

Future-ready part of the 5G standard

Seamless connectivity across our entire Nordic network

Choose the best of both

NB-IoT and LTE-M each have specific advantages - why not choose them all? By selecting a connectivity module that supports both NB-IoT and LTE-M, you gain the best of both worlds. As well as extended reach and energy efficiency; you can carry out over-the-air (OTA) security updates and gain mobililty and interaction capabilities not previously possible with LPWA.

We call it LPWA+

Measure & Report

  • Lowest power
  • Widest reach
  • Deepest penetration

Evolve & Protect

  • Over-the-air (OTA):
  •      Security updates
  •      Firmware updates

Act & Interact

  • Mobility
  • Voice over LTE
  • Low-res video


LPWA for Massive IoT

By collecting simple measurements from your world, you can optimise operational efficiency and resource consumption. You can monitor your customers' meter readings, see if your bins need emptying, or find out if your pipe has a leak. In many cases there's value even in just knowing if devices are working or not.

Go further And deeper

With smaller packets of data, you can penetrate deep inside buildings and under the ground. You can also reach a wider area. And because we use direct-to-network cellular technology, you can multiply your reach by the scale of our network. That's how we're rolling out Automated Meter Reading to 1.9 million Swedish homes at the same time as connecting remote parts of Norway's power grid.

Batteries are cheap but changing them isn't

The maths is simple: the less you need to do, the longer your battery will last. Because LPWA is designed to send small amounts of data at set time intervals – and then put itself back to sleep – you can get 10 years of connectivity from a single battery.

This is a prediction we can make with confidence. Because all Telia IoT connectivity operates in managed, licensed spectrum; it doesn't need to compete with the ever-growing number of proprietary technologies sharing unlicensed spectrum. Needing to compete in unmanaged spectrum will increase fail-and-resend rates and use up batteries a lot faster. 


If you want to focus on the value IoT can deliver, you shouldn't try to build your own network. Because building it is just the start. Managing an IoT network is a major undertaking that takes a lot of resources and effort. Trust us, we operate the largest and most advanced IoT networks in the Nordics and we know what it takes. 

Leverage our network and you're ready to deploy. And to make sure you don't hit any unexpected speed-bumps when it's time to scale, we've harmonised our LPWA networks to give you seamless connectivity across the Nordics.

The foundations of 5G

NB-IoT and LTE-M are the two technologies that have been chosen as the 'Massive Machine Type' part of the 5G standard. We're the first in our region to deploy them and part of a fast-growing group of operators rolling them out around the world. This means you don't have the same technology risk as proprietary standards. After all, what good is 10 year battery life if your technology will only last 5? 

Standardisation has other benefits too. This can be seen in the falling cost of cellular LPWA modules. With economies of scale – on a global scale – prices will continue to fall. 

Low Power Wide Area Connectivity Guide

Your guide to NB-IoT and LTE-M and choosing the cellular LPWA connectivity that's right for you.

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If you want the benefits of LPWA, but need more advanced functionality, you need LPWA+. By combining low-power-wide-area efficiency with higher data and lower latency; new possibilities emerge.


All of our LPWA solutions are built according to the highest security standards. But some solutions need more security than others. LPWA+ lets you carry out Over The Air (OTA) security updates to address new threats as they emerge. 


LPWA+ enables a new level of capabilities: mobile tracking, low-resolution video and voice-over-LTE to name a few. It can also let you keep evolving wtih OTA firmware updates so you can fine-tune your solution even once it's deployed.


Create a digital twin of your IoT solution in minutes and test it before you deploy. Understand which modules, protocols or batteries to use and learn more about them in the detailed knowledge hub. Test different parameters or conditions to understand what impact they will have and optimise before you build.

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Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is designed for IoT on a massive scale. Optimised for low-data transmission, it delivers maximum battery life and reach. It is ideal for stationary measure-and-report sensors that only need to send data a few times a day – this also enables battery life of up to 10 years. It well suited to both remote locations and high device density situations where interference-free connectivity is required.

Coverage: Nordics & Baltics

LTE-M is designed for LPWA use cases that need more advanced capabilities. It supports data speeds of up to 1Mbps meaning it can support things like low-resolution video surveillance and Voice over LTE (VoLTE). It also enables full mobility in our network for things like GPS tracking. LTE-M also enables over-the-air (OTA) security and firmware updates so you can keep evolving your IoT solution. 

Coverage: Nordics


IoT security means preparing for threats that don't yet exist. Because NB-IoT & LTE-M have been designed specifically for IoT – and are built on existing GSM standards – they inherit and advance the concept of security by design. Read more about LPWA security here.

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Taking the guesswork out of IoT

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Taking the guesswork out of IoT

Online webinar: see a demo of the IoT Solution Optimizer in action

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NB-IoT & LTE-M Starter Kit

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