Optimize every viewing experience

Optimize every viewing experience

To capture and engage more viewers, you need to deliver a broadcast-quality video experience. Because, not matter how good your content, now that people are used to high-quality video, they won't settle for anything less. 

But high quality doesn't have to come with a high price tag. Telia CDN+ optimizes multiple Content Delivery Networks – fixing broken streams and adapting to your viewers' location and CDN performance – to deliver a better video experience. And it does it without needing expensive and time-consuming integrations. 

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Automatically optimizes each video stream

Automatically optimizes each video stream

Better end user experience for your viewers

Better end user experience for your viewers

No expensive integrations required

No expensive integrations required

Don't let success slow you down

Internet video is great for your audience. But when every viewer has their own stream – on an ever-expanding range of formats and devices – delivering a great experience can be a challenge. Content Delivery Networks offer the answer - but they also raise a lot of questions. Which works best in which situation? Which is the best for each viewer, in each location, at any given point of time? 

By combining the capabilities of multiple CDNs – with the Telia CDN+ selector to dynamically choose the right CDN for each video stream – you can optmise each end user's experience in real time. 

Combining multiple CDNs also means you can handle unexpected traffic peaks. After all, the last thing you want is for the experience to get worse when your viewership gets better. 

Telia CDN+

Local, Global and everywhere in between

Telia CDN+ combines the power of our local and global networks. Our Nordic and Baltic CDN connects 5 of the 7 largest local pay TV services. Our global CDN connects more than 300 locations around the world with capacity of more than 275 Tbps.

Flexible deployment options

Whether you are looking to harness the power of CDN for the first time - or want to super-charge your established CDN setup – we offer flexible deployments to match your needs.

Everything you need to run a Multi-CDN. Combine the power of our Nordic & Baltic and Global CDNs with our CDN selector to deliver the best experience.

Supercharge your existing CDN setup by adding our CDNs to your existing setup and and optimizing them all with our CDN Selector 

Selector Only
Get more out of your existing CDN setup by using the Telia CDN+ selector to optmize performance and cost-effectiveness.

Included in all options

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