If it matters, track it

If it matters, track it

Knowing exactly where your cargo and assets are helps you keep them safe. But that’s just the start. Telia Asset Tracking lets you optimise the way you use your assets and unlocks insights to let you streamline your logistics flows and operational efficiency.

Make the most of what you've got

When you know where everything is and what its doing, you can fine tune your planning down to the minute. 

Get an alert if thing aren't as they should be. Live status data with pre-defined triggers if something’s wrong. And geo-fencing alerts if something leaves its pre-defined area.

Put your world at your fingertips

Solve problems before they happen. If anything goes off course, you get an instant alert and can take proactive action.

You can unlock insights into how your operation really performs – and how to make it better. Stop guessing and start making better informed decisions.

Asset tracking details 

Basic service

  • Purchase tracking devices from Telia 
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors
  • IoT Connectivity
    • Nordic & European coverage 
    • GPS and cellular positioning
    • LTE-M, 2G
  • Access to our:
    • IoT platform with a pre-defined set up and dashboards
    • Management Portal
    • API portal
  • Support

Professional services:

  • Customer specific solutions & integrations

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