Do more with less

Do more with less

Whether it’s power, water, gas or district heating: real-time consumption data lets you optimize both production and supply. It gives you the tools to deliver a more reliable service to your customers and reduce your costs while you do it. It lets you do more with less.

2 million reasons to consider NB-IoT

When it comes to remote metering, Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity via Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a perfect storm. For starters, NB-IoT offers unprecedented reach. It is a direct-to-network technology, so it works anywhere our mobile network reaches without the need for you to roll out secondary network infrastructure such as gateways or aerials. Because it’s a low power technology, it also offers 10-year battery life. This is important because batteries may be cheap, but changing them isn’t. NB-IoT also reaches deeper into buildings and underground than other connectivity types – to boldly go where no IoT has gone before. 

NB-IoT also delivers the combination of low-cost sensors and low-cost connectivity needed to achieve economies of scale. It is designed for sending small packets of data at set intervals – which is perfect for metering. And because it sends small packets, it’s a lot more affordable than traditional IoT connectivity. That’s part of the reason we’re in the process of rolling out NB-IoT smart metering connectivity to 2 million homes across Sweden on behalf of E.ON and Ellevio.

Learn more about Telia NB-IoT here 

A platform to build on

The Telia IoT Platform lets you consolidate data from multiple sources and monitor them in real time. It lets you analyse what’s happening and gain actionable insights. And it lets you combine historical data with what’s happening right now to predict what’s likely to happen next. All with the convenience of your own online dashboard and APIs to feed into your existing management systems.

Remote Grid Monitoring

When you don’t know a line’s exact capacity, you need to load it with a margin for safety. Often this means building additional infrastructure while running what you’ve got at only 70% of its capacity. Our partner Heimdall Power has developed a solution that increases not just efficiency, but also increases the amount of green energy that can be used.

Remote Grid Monitoring
Building heating management

Building heating management

Stockholm Exergi provide district heating in Stockholm. To give them better insight into exactly how much heat and energy each building is consuming at any given time, they are installing Telia IoT Edge gateways in each of their buildings. With real-time data, they are able to more accurately predict demand as well as optimising energy production to minimise waste and environmental emissions. Check out the film.

IoT Solution optimizer

IoT Solution optimizer

Create a digital twin of your IoT solution in minutes and test it before you deploy. Understand which modules, protocols or batteries to use. Test different parameters or conditions to understand what impact they will have and optimize before you deploy.

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IoT Buyer's guide

IoT can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. It all comes down to being clear in what you're trying to achieve and undertstanding the best way to do it.  That's why we developed the IoT Buyer's Guide.


Telia IoT Buyer's Guide

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