The future of Global IoT

The future of Global IoT

A new approach to global IoT could save 28% on connectivity costs

Global IoT has never been easier – or harder.
In this white paper, Transforma Insights looks at the emerging trends and challenges of connecting products on a global scale. They also model a new approach – hyperscale IoT connectivity – and how it can potentially reduce global connectivity costs by USD 117 billion dollars in the next 10 years.

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What's in the white paper

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The analysis in this white paper is based on an exten­sive set of research undertaken by Transforma Insights on behalf of Telia Company. It models the rela­tive impact of adopting a hyperscale approach to connectivity, versus Transforma Insights' underlying expectations of how connectivity would otherwise likely be supported.

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Webinar on demand - hyperscale IoT Connectivity

On-demand webinar

Learn about the emerging trends and challenges companies are facing with connecting devices globally, and how a new approach with four key elements can dramatically reduce the complexity and costs involved in global IoT connectivity.

The webinar draws on the findings from Transforma Insights and Telia's collaborative white paper: The Future of Global IoT Connectivity. We will also introduce you to our Global IoT Connectivity solution that lays the foundation for a hyperscale future.


  • Matt Hatton, Transforma Insights
  • Rachit Saksena, Telia Company
  • Therese Ericson, Telia Company

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