Quick guide to IoT Connectivity

Quick guide to IoT Connectivity

Reliable connectivity makes IoT deployments and maintenance easier and lowers costs. However choosing the right technology to fit your specific use case can be tricky. Ideally, everyone prefers the longest range, the deepest penetration, the highest data rates and the lowest power consumption. But no single technology fulfills every need.

To pick the right connectivity option, ask yourself:

  • How much data will flow?
  • Is mobility key?
  • Is your solution mission-critical?
  • Will your device be placed far indoors or deep underground?
  • Are you in need of a battery-efficient solution with a long lifetime?

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Network technologies


Probably the closest replacement for both 2G and 3G, but far more flexible than the older technologies. It strikes a good balance between performance and efficiency, providing a well-rounded option for many IoT applications and use cases. With LTE-M, you can both send and receive moderate amounts of data, while still more than 2G and 3G, allowing you to both collect data as well as remotely update devices. Also, LTE-M has great support for mobile use cases and voice/VoLTE-M, while enabling a long battery life.

Use cases suited for LTE-M.
• Smart Buildings
• Smart Cities
• Wearables
• Retail POS (Point of Sale)
• Maintenance monitoring
• Payment terminals
• Safety and security alarms
• Traffic surveillance cameras


This is a better option for less data-intense, stationary use cases that require reliable performance under the most difficult circumstances. This technology is the better choice when the focus is on extreme efficiency. NB-IoT was designed for sending small amounts of data, like scheduled sensor readings. The lower data rates are, however, well compensated by its longer range, excellent underground and indoor coverage and ability to provide up to ten years of battery life.

Use cases suited for NB-IoT
• Environmental monitoring
• Agricultural monitoring
• Water Metering
• Gas Metering
• Electricity Metering
• Waste management
• Smart Buildings
• Smoke and fire detectors


4G, also known as LTE, is better suited for high-capacity solutions. This technology enables most of our day-to-day use of smartphones and is the better choice for complex use cases and devices. 4G was designed for handling data-intense use cases, such as video streaming or real-time monitoring that need high-speed uploads and downloads of large amounts of data. While offering full mobility, voice/VoLTE and SMS applications, it may be most useful for cases where battery recharging is not an issue. LTE will co-exist with 5G.

Use cases suited for 4G
• Transport
• Connected Home
• Digital Signage
• Remote health monitoring
• Video security
• Industrial sensors


5G may not serve as the direct replacement for 2G and 3G devices, but new network technologies like ultra-reliable, low-latency communication (URLLC) and enhanced mobile broadbrand (eMBB) will take IoT to new levels. 5G accommodates new use cases requiring next-level performance, security and reliability. It is designed to be able to connect anything and everything, and will offer exceptional opportunities for customized connectivity.

Use cases suited for 5G
• Self driving cars
• Industry 4.0
• Remote surgery
• Remote vehicle control
• Virtual & Augmented reality
• Ultra HD video
• Infotainment in cars

We got you covered

We digitalize your products and operations by delivering proven IoT connectivity solutions for a broad range of companies and industries, locally or globally, we've got you covered.​

Managed IoT Connectivity

Managed IoT Connectivity

​Reliable and secure managed IoT connectivity fit for your need locally and in Europe. ​

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Managed IoT Connectivity

Managed IoT Connectivity

​Reliable and secure managed IoT connectivity fit for your need locally and in Europe. ​

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Global IoT Connectivity

Global IoT Connectivity

A programmable network and a globally scalable connectivity ecosystem.

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Order online

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Telia LPWA low power wide area

Long battery life with broad and deep reach – for IoT on a massive scale’. Telias LPWA IoT connectivity is delivered by the 2 technologies that make up the 'massive IoT' component of 5G – NB-IoT & LTE-M. ​

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It's time to upgrade your IoT

The old networks are closing, and the new networks are here. This guide will help you get started on your transition into the 5G era, as well as help you make a safe, long-term investment which will enhance your business through the best LPWA network in the Nordics and Baltics.

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