Private network as a service

Private network as a service

We call it an Enterprise Mobile Network. For you it means speed, security and the last word in reliability for your critical applications.


Dynamically reconfigurable factories and processing plants

Dynamically reconfigurable factories and processing plants

Solve demanding use cases requiring high reliability and low latency

Solve demanding use cases requiring high reliability and low latency

Guaranteed quality of service and service level agreements

Guaranteed quality of service and service level agreements

What it is – and why you need one

An Enterprise Mobile Network is a dedicated LTE or 5G network geared to the needs of demanding industrial applications. Essentially, it’s a dedicated cellular network built to meet your specific requirements.  

This solution gives you tailored coverage on site and guaranteed high availability through redundancy for both radio and transport. You can choose to have a local core network for ultra-high security and continuity of service come what may, and we can configure quality of service parameters to prioritise your most essential traffic.  

Need guaranteed quality of service and no downtime? An Enterprise Mobile Network could be the right solution.

Simple & Secure

  • Eliminate re-cabling when changing production lines
  • Easily managed architecture compared to Wi-Fi
  • Inherent security as part of 3GPP standards
  • Survivability through option of local core

Get an early mover advantage

We can create your Enterprise Mobile Network using either LTE or 5G. LTE gives you excellent capabilities that meet the demands of many industrial applications. The solution is highly flexible, so you can evolve to 5G as needed.

Move up from WiFi

Automation, remote control and robotics are integral to modern manufacturing. But many businesses still rely on Wi-Fi for these applications. WiFi has its place e.g. in office applications, but it lacks the reliability needed for critical applications and the mobility to support moving equipment and people. It suffers from coverage issues on industrial sites. Wi-Fi is also prone to interference from electrical sources, mobile devices and other radio signals. Mobile networks are inherently built for connected devices that move about and licensed frequencies ensure highquality without interference

Telia Enterprise Mobile Network is designed for demanding industry applications, combining mobility with the security and reliability you need when digitising manufacturing processes.

Local core or public network - or both

Telia Enterprise Mobile Network is designed around your specific needs. If survivability is a main priority, you can opt for our local core service. That gives you continuity of service no matter what, combined with ultra-high security, data integrity and low latency.

If access to public network services and cloud services is key, our High Availability Service ensures business-critical communication by enhancing the public network capabilities on site. 24/7 monitoring and SLAs ensure high reliability.

One size does not fit all, so we try to give you as much flexibility as possible. If you need a local core, you can still give external users access to the network via our macro core.

Also, your business environment and needs will evolve over time. We want to offer best connectivity which we develop to meet changing business requirements, innovative use cases and new technological developments.

Add the service you need

Whichever configuration you choose, you have the flexibility add a variety of services, including narrow-band IoT, location-based services and push-to-talk. Everything you need to power your business with certainty.

Supporting you here, there, and everywhere

Your business crosses geographical borders. So does our support. We have the global presence, resources and dedicated network capacity to drive your digitisation journey. We can tailor your network to your precise needs across the Nordic region.

Winning partnerships

Successful digitalisation demands the right technology ecosystem. Telia has the alliances and partnerships needed to drive innovation and business success. Together, we give you leading insights and consistent deployment. 

For cloud, edge, datacentre solutions, device management and information security, we will guide you on the right solution for your business needs.

Build advanced capabilities into your process

Video Analytics

Use real-time video to refine processes and drive action. Make sure the right people are in the right place, performing the right actions. Monitor physical security and access rights. Automate product quality inspections and inform process development and training. Now you have the capacity and speed needed to transmit and store uncompressed video, both uplink and downlink.

Location services

Boost operational efficiency through precise tracking to ensure timely arrival of materials or goods in logistics and manufacturing operations. Track equipment and analyse movements. Integrate the data seamlessly into ERP and logistics workflows. Telia Enterprise Mobile Network brings new capabilities to location services, including higher levels of accuracy.

AR & VR Services

Support field maintenance, personnel or customer training in new ways using augmented reality and virtual reality models. The high capacity and low latency of a Telia Enterprise Mobile Network means it can handle the data communication demands of these models, so you can use them effectively out in the field.

Remote control of vehicles

Improve safety and the working environment by controlling site vehicles in real time from a remote location. Now it’s possible to operate anything from mine loaders to cranes remotely, making remote locations instantly accessible and providing optimal conditions for the operator.

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