Testing the waters with NB-IoT
Testing the waters with NB-IoT

Testing the waters with NB-IoT

One of the Swedish summer’s most common questions is, “How warm is the water?” The municipality of Lerum can now give their residents and visitors an exact answer. Using Telia Environmental Temperature Monitoring with narrow-band IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity they can measure the water of Lerum’s lakes and provide real-time temperature updates on the municipality’s website. Now, bathers can decide where to go, rather than guessing and testing with a toe.

Lerum Municipality, in Western Sweden, has approximately 43 000 residents and is a popular summer holiday destination with many great lakes to spend hot summer days at.

“At the beginning of June this year we installed sensors at one meter depth in nine of our lakes here in Lerum”, says Daniel Nettby, IT manager at Lerum Municipality. “The sensors send temperature data every hour to the IoT Platform that publishes it in real time on our municipality’s website. This is a quite simple, but very appreciated service for our residents and visitors that we are testing. We are also looking into more ways that we can use IoT connectivity in our daily operations in the municipality”.

Digitalization and Green IT is high on the agenda for Lerum and there are many initiatives that have already been introduced within the municipality.

“We are a small municipality, but we aim to be a modern one”, Daniel continues. “With IoT solutions like the ones from Telia, we can be more efficient and sustainable. We can also put our focus on the right things to provide better and more proactive services for our residents. The sky’s the limit”.

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NB-IoT (Narrow-Band IoT) is optimized for sending small amounts of data with maximum range, energy- and cost-efficiency. The technology reaches further and deeper underground than traditional IoT.

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