Telia wins IoT Breakthrough Awards: “Enablement company of the year”
Telia wins IoT Breakthrough Awards: “Enablement company of the year”

Telia wins IoT Breakthrough Awards: “Enablement company of the year”

Telia has won the coveted IoT Breakthrough Awards, in the category “IoT Enablement Company of the Year”. The win is for the solution Global IoT Connectivity, and Telia competed with more than 4 000 nominations from IoT companies across the world.

The award is given out by Tech Breakthrough, a leading research and market intelligence organization, and the IoT Breakthrough Awards aims to “honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of IoT companies, technologies and products.”

James Johnson is Managing Director for the IoT Breakthrough Awards.

“As the number of IoT devices increases around the world, more and more operators and governments are introducing regulations on inbound roaming to protect their markets, and roaming is becoming less reliable and devices that roam may quickly become non-compliant,” Johnson says. “Telia Global IoT Connectivity offers a ‘breakthrough’ future-proof solution that goes beyond traditional roaming and provides connectivity even in highly regulated markets, with one SIM card, one contract and one touchpoint. The speed and simplicity of their solution also means customers don't have to deal with local connectivity partners or do technical data traffic integrations. Congratulations on being our pick for ‘IoT Enablement Company of the Year for the Enterprise Market!’”

Telia Global IoT Connectivity was launched in 2021 and is built on four solution layers, which together delivers hyperscale IoT connectivity. The solution uses GSMA standard eUICC technology, empowering enterprises with a single SIM SKU principle to be embedded in their IoT devices, already at the assembly line, and the devices can be connected wherever and whenever shipped. 

“We set out to make the future of IoT connectivity simple, scalable, compliant and secure. Telia Global IoT Connectivity is a game changer, enabling our customers to focus on their core business and be sure that their IoT devices are powered with secure, scalable and compliant connectivity wherever they are in the world. We’re glad that this has been acknowledged by the IoT Breakthrough Awards,” says Staffan Eriksson, Senior IoT Portfolio Manager at Telia

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