Telia wins global IoT award
Telia wins global IoT award

Telia wins global IoT award

Telia’s solution Global IoT Connectivity has won the Fierce Innovation Awards in the IoT Category. The award seeks to recognize “the creators, makers, and doers of outstanding services and equipment”.

The award is given out by Fierce Telecom, a daily monitor for the telecom industry covering topics ranging from fiber deployments, virtualization of telecom and cable networks, partnerships with big cloud providers, edge computing, business deals and competition. 

The award was announced today, in Fierce Telecom’s Innovation Report, which can be found here. Part of the jury’s motivation is: 

“Many Internet of Things (IoT) platforms promise to make IoT simple and secure but Telia’s Global IoT Connectivity platform delivers on those promises by removing the complexity of managing multiple operator agreements and making it possible for enterprises to have global connectivity (…) In the fragmented world of the Internet of Things, Telia stands apart because its platform removes much of the complexity that has so far kept IoT from growing as quickly as the industry had hoped. In addition, Telia’s solution demonstrate how enterprises can reduce their IoT connectivity deployment costs by taking advantage of local profiles.”

Telia launched Global IoT Connectivity was launched in 2021.

“This solution truly is a game changer for IoT connectivity,” says Staffan Eriksson, Senior IoT Portfolio Manager at Telia. “Our solution enables our customers to instantly control their devices regardless of location in the world, and our network adapts to any connectivity needs. We are happy that this has been recognized through this award.”

Read about the award here.

Read more about Telia Global IoT Connectivity here.


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