Telia delivers local 5G-ready network to SCA
Telia delivers local 5G-ready network to SCA

Telia delivers local 5G-ready network to SCA

Telia has entered into an agreement with SCA to deliver a dedicated 5G-ready mobile network to the paper mill in Obbola, Umeå municipality in Sweden, which is currently undergoing a major upgrade and where the world's largest paper machine is being built. The new mobile network will be used to connect machines and vehicles and ensure data traffic between mobile devices and maintenance systems at the facility.

Following the investment and upgrade, the SCA plant in Obbola will produce 725.000 tonnes of kraftliner every year, a paper product that is mainly used to manufacture corrugated cardboard packaging. Most of the machines and equipment used in the factory are connected and monitored digitally.

"SCA is a world leader in the forest industry and has for several years made major investments in its operations. We are excited about growing our engagement with SCA and to continue to support them on their digital transformation. The dedicated mobile network we will deliver to SCA in Obbola offers a robust and secure digital infrastructure, a prerequisite for connecting business-critical systems and protecting sensitive data," says Tobias Larsson, Head of Telia’s enterprise business unit in Sweden.

"New digital solutions means that we can guarantee high availability in production. We can monitor operations and be proactive in maintenance, as well as to identify irregularities before they lead to downtime. This work is increasingly being done by using mobile devices, which means our workforce can quickly act on new information. The network Telia is building will guarantee high availability for these devices and other connected systems in the factory," says Gustaf Nygren, mill manager at SCA Obbola.

The mobile network Telia will deliver and manage for SCA Obbola is based on 4G technology, which can be upgraded to 5G, and is based on the service Enterprise Mobile Network (EMN) with Local Breakout. The solution leverages the scalability and operational reliability of the public mobile network, but with dedicated capacity.

In practical terms, this means a local radio network with antennas and base stations is built at the plant, delivering high capacity and good bandwidth. The “brain” of the public mobile network, the so-called core network, is used for certain functions like signaling, but thanks to the Local Breakout feature the data traffic does not have to leave the local radio network. This provides an extra layer of protection for the company’s data, as well as lower and more stable latency for connected systems that require fast network response time.

The digital transformation of industry

Digital operations, like remote asset management and monitoring, is the most common type of use case of emerging digital technologies in forestry, with 70% reporting that they have implemented them or are planning to do so. Read more about the digital transformation of Swedish industry in the new report Connected Industry by Telia, Ericsson and Arthur D. Little.

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