Telia’s smart building tool shortlisted for Climate Action Initiative of the Year
Telia’s smart building tool shortlisted for Climate Action Initiative of the Year

Telia’s smart building tool shortlisted for Climate Action Initiative of the Year

Telia Company has been shortlisted to win the award for Climate Action Initiative of the Year in the 11th annual Global Telecoms Awards. The finalist spot is for the tool Telia Smart Buildings ROI Value Calculator, which can be used to calculate the potential savings that residential and commercial building owners can make by investing in Internet of Things (IoT) and digital smart building services.

According to, The Climate Action Initiative of the Year category goes “to the product, project or outcome that best acts as an enabler of change to the impacts of climate change or can demonstrate capabilities to avert or mitigate risks or raises awareness and enhances the industry’s understanding of the problem”. 

There is an urgent need to digitalize the real estate industry and to make operations of buildings more energy efficient and sustainable. In the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) recent sustainability report, buildings are highlighted as one of the major focus areas in efforts to meet sustainability goals. Buildings account for 40 percent of all energy used in cities and for 36 percent of the CO2 emissions in Europe. Furthermore, studies have shown that 75 percent of buildings in Europe are not considered energy efficient. In the cold, energy-intense climate of Northern Europe, it is therefore a priority to find new ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce consumption.

Digitalization is the main enabler to achieve this.

To help the industry, both large and small property owners, to navigate the possibilities of IoT, Telia launched a Smart Building ROI Value Calculator that can unlock value in buildings by visualizing the calculated key savings and return on investments, or ROI. The tool is primarily focused on energy saving and cost and CO2 reductions enabled by IoT. In achieving these savings and reductions, three features in Telia’s Smart Buildings Portfolio stand out: Indoor Climate Monitoring, Heating Optimization and Air Quality Monitoring. 

“Buildings are part of the problem, but also part of the solution to achieve more energy-efficient and sustainable societies,” says Björn Hansen, Commercial Head of IoT at Telia. “The industry is also facing large challenges with rising energy costs and interest rates, challenges that have created a perfect storm that few could have foreseen only a few years ago. We’ve seen that relatively small IoT investments in buildings can lead to both increased profitability and sustainability in a short period of time. With our new tool we can calculate the savings possibilities and ROI for each respective building owner, with their unique conditions. This is to make the costs and benefits more tangible in the decision to invest. It’s all part of our efforts to support building owners in finding new digital solutions and helping create greener cities. Of course, it’s fantastic that these efforts have been acknowledged.”

Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony in London on November 30, 2023.

Read more about the ROI Value Calculator and download a full report here. 

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