Podcast: Solving the challenges of global IoT
Podcast: Solving the challenges of global IoT

Podcast: Solving the challenges of global IoT

New technologies like eSIM and cloud shape the future of global IoT. But enterprises who want to connect their products or solutions across the world face a fragmented technology landscape and other new challenges. Hear Telia’s Rachit Saksena, Head of IoT Portfolio Management, address the issues in The IoT Podcast.

New technologies and different IoT connectivity challenges are some of the topics discussed as Rachit Saksena, Head of IoT Portfolio Management at Telia, meets host Tom White on The IoT Podcast.

Watch the video edition of the podcast or listen to the full episode below.

“There are many types of regulations that enterprises are not aware of as they go from a pilot phase to a global rollout. We still meet customers on a daily basis that are surprised by how critical these requirements are and how deeply they can be penalized if they don’t follow them,” Rachit Saksena explains in the episode. "Customers find themselves going from simply wanting to buy connectivity for their products to having to deal with a wide range of regulatory, integration and security issues. We could not have solved these issues ten years ago, but it is easier now.”

Click on the video below to find out how to overcome these challenges and to hear what the future holds for global IoT connectivity. 

Read more about Telia's solution Telia Global IoT Connectivity.

You can listen to the audio version of the podcast here:  Spotify, iTunes, Google.

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