Global IoT: big picture savings outweigh traffic costs in the long run
Global IoT: big picture savings outweigh traffic costs in the long run

Global IoT: big picture savings outweigh traffic costs in the long run

Focusing on reducing IoT traffic costs rather than creating a more flexible connectivity architecture can cost companies a lot in the long run, according to new research from Transforma Insights. Speed-to-market, regulatory compliance and ease-of-integration with cloud platforms ultimately contribute more to cost savings than the small incremental costs possible at the traffic level.

The global IoT connectivity landscape has more or less flipped over and procuring and managing IoT connectivity is far more complex today than it was a few years ago. Quite simply, anyone wanting to offer global IoT connectivity needs to do it in a new way. The new white paper The Future of Global IoT Connectivity, pinpoints the market direction and examines the new technologies that propel the changes.

“We’ve been able to demonstrate how critical it is for enterprises adopting IoT to make the right choices in their connectivity provider,” says Transforma Insights Founding Partner and main author Matt Hatton. “Decisions around connectivity have focused too much on shaving a few cents off data rates. That misses the point that choosing wisely in a connectivity solution can accelerate time-to-market, guarantee compliance, ease integration with cloud platforms and help in numerous other ways that benefit the deploying organization out of all proportion of the cost of the connectivity.”

The main challenges for companies who want to offer IoT connectivity is that the technology landscape is fragmented, regulatory requirements are becoming ever stricter, the number of tools on offer can be dizzying and the scale too is becoming ever greater. A missed step in this environment can be detrimental.

Subsequently, there is a major need for a new “hyperscale approach” – an approach with four key elements that meets all the new demands for localization, increased security, and compliance with various regulations.

Transforma Insights establishes in the paper that when making the right decisions and using the optimal technology, companies can save on average 28 percent of the cost involved in global IoT connectivity.

“I invite anyone thinking about connecting devices or products globally to read this paper,” says Björn Hansen, Head of IoT at Telia. “Emerging trends and new challenges make global IoT deployments difficult to navigate. We want to reduce the complexity and help businesses in making the right decisions.”

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