Telia Fleet Management

Telia Fleet Management

Whether your fleet consists of passenger vehicles, service vehicles or trucks; Telia Fleet Management is a comprehensive tracking and reporting solution that gives you 4 functions in 1:

Fleet tracker

Fleet tracker

See where your vehicles are, where they’ve been, how they are driven and what they consume

Car sharing

Car sharing

See what’s in use and what’s available for real-time booking of shared assets

Equipment tracking

Equipment tracking

Track your valuable cargo and assets to make sure they are where they should be 

Automated log book

Automated log book

Automate reporting for all your drivers and make compliance easy 

Fleet tracker
Telia Fleet tracker consists of a mounted GPS unit that tracks your vehicles' locations and sends position and operating data to your fleet management system. Knowledge of position, driving style and utilisation makes it possible to optimize the number of vehicles as well as reduce driving time and fuel consumption.

View all vehicles on a map in real time
See the exact location, plan routes, search addresses and calculate distances in just a few clicks

Find the nearest employee for a job
Save time, reduce mileage and gives customers better service when a quick call is required

Save fuel
Many customers experience a 10-12% fuel savings by optimizing routes, driving patterns and behavior

Get an overview of costs
Distribute costs between departments based on the actual use of individual vehicles

Car sharing
An expanded fleet management solution for companies where more employees need to share the same company cars. This solution gives an overview of what's in use and makes it possible to make bookings to maximise utilization.

  • Increases transparency in the use of company cars and reduces fleet costs
  • See where vehicles are located at a given time and how many cars are available for booking
  • The system selects the most suitable vehicle based on user needs; does not allow manual selection of cars
  • Quick and easy sharing of booking information
  • Sync with calendar apps where users can manage and cancel trips
  • Allows sharing scheduled trips with colleagues to avoid duplicate trips to the same address
  • Easy statistics and reporting
  • Keeps track of data related to bookings, trips and the utilization rate of individual cars

Equipment tracker

A battery-powered tracking solution designed to track the location of assets and equipment. It acts both as an anti-theft device and protection against forgetfulness – now where did I leave that?

Reports on the location of stock once a day and shows where it has been in a specific time interval. If a situation arises where you want to follow the GPS, it can be activated at the next wake-up, and you can then follow it 'live' on the map.

  • Sends alerts of unauthorized movement or movement outside a specific geographic area
  • Can be easily moved from one location to another
  • Can be scaled to companies with few or many pieces of equipment

Automated logbook

A scalable electronic roadmap solution for businesses that need to manage driving accounts for few or many users. The roadmap is based on local tax rules and allows for integration with ERP systems for easy reporting.

100% automatic
All trips and kilometers are automatically tracked by the installed GPS units that send data to the system.

Proper rates and documentation
All driving and time spent at an address is logged automatically, ensuring that each trip is documented for easy reporting to tax authorities and clients.

The system follows local tax rules and is automatically updated every year to accommodate new rates and other changes. Reporting of mileage and approval of driving accounts is done easily using the approval module.

Integration for ERP
A well-developed API ensures easy integration into your ERP system.

Powered by Fleet Complete

Powered by Fleet Complete

Telia Fleet Management is offered in collaboration with Fleet Complete. Fleet Complete is a leading global provider of GPS-based IoT solutions for fleet management, equipment and mobile workforce management. The company serves more than 600,000 subscribers and 40,000 companies in North America, Mexico, Europe and Australia.

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