Optimize everything

Optimize everything

The transport business is about big numbers and small margins. Long hours, heavy loads and a lot of kilometres on the road. But with small changes, you can turn the equation in your favour: small savings multiplied by big numbers equal much better margins.

Telia Connected Vehicle is a comprehensive solution that includes everything from the onboard hardware and cloud platform, to the tools and APIs to optimise your operation.

Consolidate your onboard systems

Your drivers are your greatest asset. Keeping them safe means everything. Because Telia Connected Vehicle is built on an open platform, you can consolidate all of your onboard data - including manufacturer and 3rd part applications - onto one screen. That means that rather than drivers needing to attend to multiple systems on different screens, they have everything they need on one screen and can keep their focus on the road.

Telia Connected Vehicle is new to the logistics industry, but is already a proven performer – our public transport version of the service is already in 60% of the public buses in Sweden and is used by Finland’s largest bus companies.

Drive your fuel costs down

Eco-Driving is one of Telia Connected Vehicle's most sought after services. It gives your drivers real-time feedback on how their braking, acceleration and driving patterns affect fuel efficiency. This helps them to drive in a more efficient way. It sounds simple, but the results are impressive. The Eco-Driving application alone can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions by up to 12% That’s great for your bottom line and the environment.

Vehicle & Fleet management

When you know where everything is, you can make the most of what you’ve got. You can see where each vehicle is and who’s driving it. You can see where they’ve been and monitor their tachograph remotely to make sure they’re taking the rest breaks they need. You can coordinate pickups and drop-offs with the rest of your fleet and optimise your whole operation.

Monitor your vehicles while they’re on the road. The Vehicle Health application gives you warnings if any mechanical problems are detected. This lets you respond to the warning signs rather than deal with a breakdown. It also helps you to keep track of all maintenance schedules and monitor wear and tear - so you can carry out predictive maintenance with planned downtime rather than being hit with surprises that disrupt your whole operation.

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