Telia named as one of the top IoT providers in the world – again
Telia named as one of the top IoT providers in the world – again

Telia named as one of the top IoT providers in the world – again

Telia has been named as one of the top IoT communication service providers in Transforma Insights’ 2021 IoT Peer Benchmarking Report. This is the second year in a row that Telia has made the top list.

The report focuses on which companies have the IoT capabilities and strategies to be able to thrive as IoT connectivity service providers. The primary focus was on each provider’s ability to adopt a “hyperscale” IoT connectivity approach. 

Telia’s Global IoT Connectivity offering positions it strongly in this area. This is also supported by their ability to deliver “up-the-stack” vertical solutions with Smart Buildings and Public Transport in particular. In addition, the report also looked at horizontal capabilities particularly around data analytics and management. The combined capabilities of the Telia IoT Platform and Telia Data Insights, combined with the factors mentioned above, all contributed to Telia being chosen amongst the world’s top IoT service providers.

“It’s always nice to hear others think we’re doing things right”, say Björn Hansen, Head of Enterprise & Public IoT at Telia. “We’ve had a clear focus for the past 5 years on having robust horizontal capabilities to build on – and we’re really starting to see the benefits now.

"Our Global IoT Connectivity is connecting international customers like Kumera gearboxes who we’re supporting worldwide. It’s also proof that we were right to be first out in the Nordics and Baltics with NB-IoT and LTE-M. These are really unlocking new possibilities for many of our customers. But I would say, this is just the start. While it’s nice to be named as one of the world’s leaders at what we do, all it means is that we have a great foundation to build on. And that’s what we’re talking to customers every day about to see what value we can help them to build.” 

Read more about the report here

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