Telia and Google Cloud using AI for better customer service experience
Telia and Google Cloud using AI for better customer service experience

Telia and Google Cloud using AI for better customer service experience

​​​​​​​With 150 million calls and 200 million digital contacts each year, Telia ACE is the leading customer service platform in the Nordics. To further improve the customer service experience, Telia and Google Cloud have teamed up to integrate Google's Cloud artificial intelligence (AI) technology into Telia ACE.

Telia ACE enables companies and organizations to meet their customers in a smart, smooth and efficient way, regardless of time, location or channel. Customer interaction takes place in calls, chats, social media and email, and the customer dialogue is increasingly handled by secure text- and voice-based bots; so-called virtual agents. Technological development has progressed rapidly and come a long way in just a few years, but there is still improvement potential, for example in terms of service quality and availability. And this is where recent advancements in AI technology can help.

Intelligent virtual agents
Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence  (CCAI) is a customer service AI solution that      consists of intelligent virtual agent functions that can act independently, but also support the human agent with real-time assistance. If the human agent is busy in a chat or conversation with a customer, Google's CCAI solution can retrieve database information, guide through processes, search support systems, or analyze the interaction taking place. All is done in real time and fully integrated with Telia ACE features.

“We are very pleased with the partnership with Google Cloud. It provides our customers with one of the world's most advanced AI solutions on the leading customer service platform in the Nordic region. This takes Telia ACE to the next level and makes the digital interaction an even better experience for our customers' customers,” says Mathias Johansson, Head of AI & Automation at Telia.     

“Bringing together Telia ACE’s ability to deliver software and services in the Nordics region and Google Cloud’s AI innovation will deliver impactful technology for contact center transformation and meet more customers' needs for AI & ML-powered technology within their business,” said Eva Fors, Managing Director Google Cloud Nordic Region.

Ecosystem of services
Through the partnership, Telia can also offer customer service in Google's ecosystem of services and products, such as Google Home and Google Assistant.

"This is the starting point for future customer meetings and we see many exciting opportunities going forward, for example within our solution for the smart home", says Mathias Johansson.

Learn more about Telia Ace and Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence in the video below

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